SECAUCUS, New Jersey – New York Jets Coach Rex Ryan wants to change football to FEETBALL!
Inside sources confirm that Ryan has been pushing to change the sport’s name for years. And now, in light of his big play-off win against the New England Patriots, he feels he has the support and attention to push the switch at an official level.
Ryan’s representatives have yet to issue a statement, but “feetball” rumors have been circulating since Saturday.
Could Ryan possibly accomplish his feetball fantasy?  Well, yes actually.
The NFL has a constitution. Team organizations and head coaches can propose amendments at will. As long as proper paperwork is completed and signatures are validated, a request to change the National Football League to the National Feetball League can be reviewed and passed by the NFL’s board. Adoption of a new amendment usually takes six to eight weeks to go into effect. A change of this magnitude may take even longer to allow for the redesign and launch of new logos, jerseys, and merchandise.

While paper work has yet to be filed, Ryan’s lawyers have requested a meeting with NFL executives the week after the Super Bowl. Ryan is banking on big wins in Pittsburgh and Dallas. He’s told his staff that he “finally has his feet in the door.”
One Jets insider shared some further detail. “He wants the change to hit at every level of the game, from its head to its toes so to speak. People who have known Ryan for years know this has been a fixation. To him it’s a question of logic, and feetball makes more sense. You need two feet to play. You just can’t get the job done with one foot.”
Yahoo is said to be in talks with Ryan regarding the promotion of a new Fantasy Feetball League as well.

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