BOISE, ID – Quick Gem Staters, hide the Biggie Smalls! The state of Idaho is banning hip-hop music!
The Idaho State Legislature unanimously passed a bill on Friday that prohibits anyone in the state from playing hip-hop or rap.
Under the new law, anyone caught listening to hip-hop would be slapped with a $3,000 fine, or worse, could face up to seven months in prison.
Legislators from the Idaho House of Reps said the decision to ban hip-hop was based on a study conducted by University of Idaho scientists, which showed that rap music can have adverse effects on young listeners.
“Rap music leads to violence,” said Republican Sharon Maclean. “So if you want to get rid of the violence, you have to get rid of rap music. It’s that simple.”
The law would also prohibit Idaho radio stations from playing “anything that resembles hip-hop music,” including reggae, techno, dancehall, and pop.
“I’m just trying to raise my kids in a wholesome environment,” said John Stiglitz, a resident of Boise and father of two, “and if that means getting rid of rap music, then so be it.”
“It’s a shame, though,” added Stiglitz. “I really enjoyed Kanye’s phat beats.”

Though the bill received overwhelming support in Congress, some Gem Staters feel that the new resolution is a blatant attack on hip-hop culture.
“This is unfair,” said Mike Williams, a 23-year-old rapper from Nampa whose stage name is Thuggy Bumpkins. “Hip-hop is a way for people to express themselves through music. It’s not violent. I’ve listened to hip-hop all my life, and not once have I done anything illegal.”
Williams, along with other Idaho-based rappers, launched a campaign against the bill called “Rappers Against the Prohibition,” or RAP. They’ve already organized several protests and “rap-ins” around the state.
“Our mission is to get people out in the streets,” said Williams. “Our voices need to be heard. This anti-rap bill is unfair and it must be stopped!”
But despite the voices of opposition, those in the Idaho State Legislature show no signs of backing down.
“They can complain all they want,” said Democrat Mark Harping. “But we’re standing firm in our decision to ban rap. If they want to beef, tell them to bring it on!”
So, is the new bill unfair? Leave a comment below and tell us what you think. Bonus points if your comment rhymes!

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51 thoughts on “IDAHO BANS HIP-HOP!”

  1. Rap leads to violence? So what led to all the violence in America before rap music?? Hmmm maybe white people? Maybe we should ban white people…

    • F8ck yeah we agree with you england sent its prisoners and sickly to colonize "america" white = violence maybe because they know they are the global minority and face extinction every second plus the sun gives them cancer i.e. melanoma moreso then others

  2. i think thats unfair i love rap and they have to take out techno. thts tha one type of music tht makes u just want to get up and dance

  3. Considering it's rappers we're talking about, there'll be more guns than people at these rallies.
    Rap is music that incites murder….. How much more blatant can you get than "Death Row Records"?

    • I believe this may be the most ignorant statement I've read this year thus far. To outlandishly equate rap and hip-hop music to murder is a clear statement of how of course your mind is. If you would like to link actions to people or things to people we can do so and I shall start with a very clear one heavy metal music incites drug use and sexual promiscuity. Better still how about country music incites racism and incest. Are these wrong more than likely but because of the nature and culture of hip-hop and the ideals of those passing this law in Idaho it will go without saying what the intention of their actions are

  4. How do you justify 7 months in prison for using your freedom to listen to what you want to listen to? Imagine being in prison with a killer saying "Yeah im in here because I listened to the new 50 cent album that dropped earlier this year." How are cops going to know? Who is going to state what hip hop is? Or will they regulate it by race Hmmmm, what do you think?

  5. If I may say that this is an injustice period. Not being a rapper but a scholar I believe that Idaho has taken just a small step towards being the next Arizona. Not only is this really a slap in the face of the constitution but a slap in the face of music and those that enjoy it. Never in my life have I been violent because of hip-hop or rap (yes there is a difference) nor have any of the people I know that listen to it. It is amazing that when a "study" is done it becomes law, just like rules and theories there will always be exceptions but I guess that is the logic speaking. For such a law to be passed with such a high fine to go along with it lets me know that the whitewashing of a state has begun. My question is this have studies been done on rock music as well because just as hip-hop as been deemed violent I'm pretty sure a study in death metal rock music would have the same results. So lets solve Idaho's problem and remove all music because even classical music can have an adverse affect on someone.

  6. There's a logical reason, don't ya know,
    It's the rappa's definition of Idaho,
    It's 'cause of that that the lawmen hate,
    And they don't wanna have the bling-bling state!

  7. “Rap music leads to violence,” perhaps it does, but so do many other things that we don’t ban. Alcohol truly leads to violence especially when one consumes too much. Arguing leads to violence, should we ban arguing? Does Idaho ban all things that have studies showing adverse effects on young listeners? Parents’ arguing at each other has been shown to truly damage kids, should we ban parents from cursing at one another?

  8. Will "The State" ban death metal and other music if it to is shown to have adverse effects on young listeners? If the ban is targeted at young people, why then adults (who the study does not cover) are included under the ban? Will there be a ban if someone listens to Hip-Hop in their car using their IPOD, IPHONE, LAPTOP?

  9. If you believe this, or even think it could be enforced, I'm sad to say that you are mistaken. Saying that we can't listen to what we want in our own homes and cars goes so far against the constitution and what America is based on, that only a fool would try it, or believe it. Tell me I can't listen to hip-hop and we'll see how far you get.

    • I live in idaho and um… this is a retarded lie. completely false. and stupid. Just like seth said, a state couldn't even ban hip hop. the U.S isn't that communist yet ha

  10. I hope they ban hip hop culture all over America forever, then there won't be so many douche bags walking around in those baggy clothes picking on random strangers on the street anymore, no more car jacking, no more rapes, no more annoying gangs ruining neighborhoods and no more bad annoying Ebonics, and maybe America will slowly stop being such a terrible place. Hip Hop Culture is one of the main things that is wrong with America. Get rid of it forever, and people who keep acting like that should just be executed or shipped somewhere else. No one who is decent should have to put up with that crap anymore.

    • You're dumb sally sue crime been around way before hiphop if some of these artis didn't have music there would be alot more crime so just admit u prejustice and keep it 100 ain't nobody mad u just one of millions of haters…lmao some peoples kids.

    • Banning, execution, and straight up prejudice is what will bring our country down. If we continue to point out a certain demeanor or incompetency– and I might I add that there are just an equal amount of rapes and social injustice in your community too (behind closed doors, and the resemblance overshadowed by the darker color of someone's skin, or baggy clothes)–we will go no where. Open your mind, open your eyes really, and see that bad is bad, and good is good regardless of culture. To make this country better we have to work from the core.
      Sally Sue, people like you are the demise of our country. It's people like you, the negative, and the closed-minded – that will tear our country apart.
      p.s. I'm a white conservative.

    • are you retarded there are serial killers who are like 40 and i doubt they listen to rap dont tell dont tell me Manson listened to 50 cent haha your ignorant

  11. this is messed uhp they should take away gay country! that just makes u go all sucide and emo! i think there just jealous that rap/hip hop is better music

  12. Honestly krazy loc is right. Music is music. Just because you or anyone else doesnt like it, doesnt make it bad, or evil, and krazy loc, i love that idaho song you have on youtube.

  13. Aye yo, my man Dedicated Servers is straight hip hop aint law guy gun tell us what we can cant do naw mean?

  14. good rap concerts and hip-hop concerts have been banned in every state sice the 90's. Rap performed in some karioke bars and hip-hop in very few night clubs..
    2Pac look alike died in santa Rosa, CA dumb impersonater.
    isaac daniel shoff



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