NEW YORK – Due to the movement of the Earth’s axis, there is a new Zodiac sign. That means you have a new sign!
We’ve all been there. First dates, blind dates, set-ups by mutual friends. And if you’re anything like me, the first thing you always ask before venturing out into the cold, dark night of dating is: what’s his sign?
Well last evening, which was indeed chilly, I went on a lovely date with my first Ophiuchus, the just revealed 13th sign of the zodiac. And let me tell you, he was hotter than a snake’s ass in a wagon rut!  Not to mention, we’re totally compatible. Where have the Ophiuchuses been all my life?
And where did this new sign come from, you logically wonder. Well, it turns out it’s been there all along.

According to Minnesota Planetarium Society board member Parke Kunkle, it’s always been in the stars. Star signs were created 2,000 years ago by tracking the sun’s location in the sky each month. Over time, the moon’s gravitational pull has slowly moved the Earth in its axis, creating about a one-month bump in the stars’ alignment, reports the Minnesota Star Tribune.

So what does it all mean? What’s my  sign now? I’m a Libra, and even with the new calendar will I stay a Libra. I’ve typically tried to stick with Gemini or Aquarian men as advised. But this new sign, the Ophiuchus, blows both of those prime compatibility matches out of the water. So if you’re a Libra like me, you may find a streak of lusty luck with your own Ophi gent.

But watch out! The Ophinuchus is the serpent holder sign. Sexy, strong, and a little scary, right? Just be smart if you’re looking for love, the serpent holder man is also sly, fast, and venomous. Thus, he’s not compatible with ladies of every sign.

We Libras, as well as the rest of the water signs, can probably handle it. Capricorns have a distinct resilient energy that would pair well with the Ophi’s cunning intensity. Same goes for the Cancers, but their need for safety may pose some relationship issues with the serpent holder’s risk-taking tendencies.
The New Signs According to Professor Kunkle:
Capricorn: Jan. 20-Feb. 16
Aquarius: Feb. 16-March 11
Pisces: March 11-April 18
Aries: April 18-May 13
Taurus: May 13-June 21
Gemini: June 21-July 20
Cancer: July 20-Aug. 10
Leo: Aug. 10-Sept. 16
Virgo: Sept. 16-Oct. 30
Libra: Oct. 30-Nov. 23
Scorpio: Nov. 23-29
Ophiuchus* Nov. 29-Dec. 17
Sagittarius: Dec. 17-Jan. 20
*Discarded by the Babylonians because they wanted 12 signs per year.

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86 thoughts on “NEW ZODIAC SIGN”

  1. libra is not a water sign. libra is an air sign. there are three air signs. libra, aquarius and gemini. there are three fire signs, leo, aries and saggitarius. there are three water signs, cancer, pisces and scorpio. the earth signs are taurus, capricorn, and virgo. ophiuchus, if it were to exist would not proceed saggitarius, it would follow it….
    by the way, looking for writers? looks like fun. 🙂

    • J.R…. libra used to be a water sign – not anymore. There are now 13 signs and… it’s not just water, air, earth, and fire… it’s now water, air, earth, fire and plastic… libra is now a water sign… and ophiuchus and saggitarius are plastic and their order is still not certain… you’ll see this all clearly explained in detail in Elsa Akesson's ground-breaking book "The New Astrology" due in bookstores in June 2011… thanks.

    • Frank: Plastic is not a natural element – it's a synthetic compound, an artificial resin – which may or may not include some organic substance in its makeup – and anyone who buys into it being a zodiac sign "element" is a person who doesn't know even the basics of Astrology!
      As for the comment that "Libra used to be a water sign" – what the hell have you been smoking? It's been an air sign for at least as long as I've been doing Astrology charts (1968)!
      As for Elsa Akesson's book, I wouldn't waste a dime on it… she's the one who thinks Libra is a water sign!

    • Chris, I've been smoking the truth… and I suggest you smoke some, too.
      Plastic used to be a synthetic compound. Now it is considered a natural element by botanists, chemists AND astrologists. You haven't heard about the natural plastic gardens that were recently discovered in Bahia in Northern Brazil? You must be watching too much of John Edward's Crossing Over.
      I'm not going to explain Elsa's whole book to you here. Libra used to be a water sign, but not anymore. It's a fact. Read her book and you'll agree as well. As for Elsa's credentials – as a child she was introduced to the famed astrologer Patrick Walker and he predicted that she would become the greatest astrologer to ever live.
      Buy Elsa's book. Your life will change… your mind will be free again.

  2. some where around 670b.c Nebuchadnezzar's wanted to cut to pieces and the houses made to ash heap for all the magicians, the astrologers, the sorcerers, and the chaldeans in the second year of his reigh because they could not interpret the dream. Thats why it is not wise to let the astrologers to tell you your future.

  3. Okay, This new astrological stuff is stupid. I was born a Scorpio, BROKE UP WITH a Virgo bc we were not compatible&he was boring and now it says that Im Virgo? DEF not. Ima Scorpio. Always was. Forever will be. You guys can all read Elsa's book, but I'm not. Yinz will believe everything you read.

  4. I was born on January 27 and my zodiac sign is Aquarius and it is a water bearer..o if that new zign will be included, my zodiac sign will be change to capricorn? Oh no!

  5. When I studied the personality descriptions of each of the signs, I came to the following realizations:
    – the 12 sun sign personality descriptions remain unchanged
    – but this 13th sign replaces the "need" for the ascendant/rising signs (in other words, it's the same)
    @ treehugger: actually not all the astrologers ended up being punished by King Nebuchadnezzar…the Zoastrians weren't, like astrologer & prophet Daniel
    How were the Zoastrians different from the other astrologers?
    Well, one of their main differences was that they chose not to use astrology to predict what specifically a person would say or do and/or what specifically would happen to him/her.
    And the Bible's ancient Hebrew language differentiates different words for our one English word "astrology", just like many other English words, like "love".
    God/Bible is not against all types of astrology, just the personal predictive aspect.
    (specific personality descriptions based on astrology is not predictive, since the positive and negative choices are based on predispositions, not based on traits…there is a big difference 😉

    • I forgot to mention:
      – rising/ascendant/13thzodiac signs = 1st impressions others have of us
      – sun (only 12) signs = 2nd+ impressions others have of us
      – moon (only 12) signs = emotions/desires/motives

  6. Hell No Im not gonna be a Virgo,This is total B.S. I was BORN! a Scorpio! and im gonna die one! so stop all this complete crap!

    • the first impression you leave on people might be Virgo behaviour
      but when they get to know you a little better, that's probably when they then notice your Scorpio behaviour?

    • Your ascendant/rising sign might be a Pisces (mine is).
      My sun sign is an Aries, just like yours! 😀
      Go lambs (inside) rambs (outside)! hehe

  7. i born on oct.13th ..so by this new zodiac i'll be virgo..i don't want virgo be my zodiac..i think this new zodiac is faked….

  8. All I want to say is that I don't care what anybody says I am a SCORPIO and there's nothing that's gonna to change that. I've been one since the day i was born and I truly believe that I am true SCORPION down to the penetrated stare. I just starting reading the different article or pages on SCORPIOS and every word written I could relate to. SCORPIO till the day I die!!!! 10/25/1981

  9. Well to be fair the greek believed it was all about the stars you were born under. If you were born a scorpio the you would always be one.

    • I believe so much that there are different stars more than than twelve and there are more than nine plants, If the Greeks believed it was all about the stars you're born under, Why today people they spend their money early in the morning just to gaze on their holoscopic and flap two pages here and there and through away the whole entire newspaper away. Way back then Greeks were the great mathematicians and they were learned people but they lacked one thing thus the one above heavens thats why God is proving to all scientists that what they know is just the minute portion of Him.

  10. hey u ***hole.. im also a cancer & change to Gemini ! and so ! it doesnt matter whats ur zodiac sign ! the important is that u will be always un ur own..

  11. To my opinion they do fall under the same category, Why do some professional counselor certified astrologer comes under Zodiac Weekly Forecast , Lets not compromise, who is a stargazer anyway? Just to correct you King Nebuchadnezzar did not kill them they were spared because of Daniel's intervention. just for ref; read Isaiah 47v11. Tell me more about them and the benefits behind all this?

    • Ok, technically King Nub did not kill them due to Zoastrian astrology prophet Jewish Daniel had God YHWH intervene through him.
      Regarding Isaiah 47:13 (not ver 11;)
      13You are worn out by your many plans. Let your astrologers and your stargazers, who foretell the future month by month, come to you, rise up, and save you.
      As you can see, the predicting aspect of astrology is wrong, not the descriptive aspect 😛 (as I said in my much longer post, but with more detail)
      Oh yeah, plus please don`t forget the Zoastrian astrologers from the far east who visited Yehu`shua when He was about 2 years old (plus there were far more than just 3 of them;)

    • This joke website, has some truth to their pretend claims.
      Most of this site`s articles are based on mainstream articles, like this article was.

  12. I believe so much that there are different stars more than than twelve and there are more than nine plants, If the Greeks believed it was all about the stars you're born under, Why today people they spend their money early in the morning just to gaze on their holoscopic and flap two pages here and there and through away the whole entire newspaper away. Way back then Greeks were the great mathematicians and they were learned people but they lacked one thing thus the one above heavens thats why God is proving to all scientists that what they know is just the minute portion of Him.

    • Of course, our universe has more than 12 stars…duh! 😛
      Which means that EVERY physical object in outer space affects our personalities.
      But choosing 10 planets (not plants, lol), our 1 sun, and our 1 moon, to base our personality information on is a fairly good framework to start with.
      The rest of the planets and stars and comets, etc, just help us fill in the further details 😉
      …besides, they only reveal our predispositions, which means we still have the option (although a sometimes difficult one) to resist giving in to our personality`s negative and or positive predispositions (don`t say traits, cuz that falsely implies that we have zero control over ourselves).

  13. Before you study these craps,, know Jesus first.. Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.. And all thse things will be added unto you…. Read the bible than these rubbish… 🙂

  14. not in favor of his changes in zodiac sign but there's nothing we can do about it….if the stars tell what's in there….lets just accept it and face the fact,after all zodiac signs are just our guide and we should not depend all our future to stars……

  15. This is dumb. Scorpio: Nov. 23-29 I am a Scorpio, I have been for 47 years. So, in other word, I will be until the day I die. So you can take your precious change and suck it. I don't think anyone by any means is going to change this.

    • Dear Annoumous,
      Sorry… but you WERE a Scorpio for 47 years. Now you're an Ophiuchus… and one of the traits of the Ophiuchus is that they are perpetually in denial. They can't accept the truth. So, that's okay… you can call yourself a Scorpio for as long as you want. But, we all know the truth.
      Buy Elsa Akesson's ground-breaking book,
      'The New Astrology," which will be in bookstores in July of this year. That will set you straight. Don't be mad (another Ophiuchus trait), everything will be all right.
      WWN Senior Editor, Frank Lake

  16. Don't worry; if you still act according to the old system of assigning chracteristics, obviously nothing in your personality state changed. HOWEVER, the changes could come in that one either different signs are now associated with different personalities, in other words your current behavior asisgned to a scorpio has now become a virgoan trait. Or either that, OR you still remain your sign, but the only thing that changed is who you will be compatible with; the old system of matching pairs won't work. So when choosing a partner look for your birthday under the newly assigned horoscope and look to those with the corresponding compatible sign as the new sign you fall udner. If you match with the old system you will have problems! Trust me I have seen matches that do go along in the old system but the relationship ended badly and the ones falling under the new matching lasted!!!

  17. Now we know why there are so many divorces in the western world, where compatibility is checked by existing zodiac signs. In India, the astrologer calculate the zodiac sign for each individuals (for those who can pay) and this is done from position of sun, moon and various other signs. Often it does not match with western calender sign.

  18. Hah! Bullcrap. Im a Capricorn by heart. No WAY am I a Sagittarius!
    I dont care whether theres another Zodiac or not.
    Im staying as I am, a proud Capricorn, end of story.

  19. Now I am a Libra, so unlike you other one sided signs, I can see both sides of this story.
    The thing this report has left out is the fact that they have now discovered we have 26 hours a day, so midnight is 2600 and noon is 1300. You have to realize that this accounts for the 13th sign.
    Because there are 13 signs, each type of sign has 4 1/3 signs. So there are that many earth, fire, water and air signs. You have to be smart to figure out which part of your sign you are in so you know what type you are.
    To make things even more interesting, there are still only 12 houses, so that means each of the signs occupies 1.083333 houses, and again you must be smart to figure out what house each planet is in even though you know now your Sun sign.
    This new information is going to occupy professional astrologers for many years to come and produce a new renaissance for the business. People will have to rely upon them to figure out who and what they are. I have already done that.
    Before you think of arguing with me about this, I used to be a Scorpio, so I brought my poisonous stinging tail with me to the lovely realm of Libra, and I am being nice now.

  20. The only way for a astrology to mean anything openly is if a human being is really a human being on his or her feet naturally; OK good but I know of an alternative value system that can apparently alters the charts due to a higher self-realization in the human spirit itself, but sexual superiority will win such individuals above astrology, so…

  21. Hi,
    I'm a Scorpio and I just wanted to let everyone know that not all of us are umm, to put it bluntly-on cloud 9. I just wanted to improve our reputation for intelligence, or perhaps just lack of attention of detail. If you'd like to have the most accurate chart, I suggest looking at the natal chart. There's more than just where the SUN was.
    LaTosha Marie Pence..the only white girl with my name 🙂 just kidding, who knows? Everyone's equal. Thought it though, an interesting fact.

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