SANTA ANA , CA – Power Balance bracelets, Fact or fiction?
Power Balance, LLC is a California based company that produces bracelets and pendants that help to increase the wearers balance, strength, flexibility, and gullibility.
The technology works with the natural energy field that surrounds all humans, often referred to as one’s aura. A small hologram that is imbedded in the bracelet and/or pendant resonates with and responds to the wearer’s aura, effectively amplifying it.  This amplified aura conforms less to the shape of one’s body, causing it to have more of a blob-like shape.
Many skeptics fear that wearing the bracelet will make them look fat. But that is definitely not the case. The bracelets are worn by several noteworthy athletes such as Boston Celtics – Shaquile O’Neal, Tennis pro – Victoria Azarenka, and world’s oldest professional female bowler – Esmeralda Cummings. Okay, well maybe it does make Esmeralda look a tad bit overweight.

There are many people currently trying to debunk the power of the bracelets. However, Power Balance has been able to skirt the issue somewhat by publicly stating that there is no credible scientific evidence to disprove their claims. WWN was able to get a hold of one of Esmeralda’s scorecards from a recent game. Do those figures look like those of an unbalanced, weak loser, I think not.

WWN was also able to meet up with Esmeralda at the Great River Bowling Alley for a quick interview. “I had the pendant to start but the hologram kept setting off my Life Alert pendant. Since wearing the bracelet, I haven’t fallen and been unable to get up in a long, long time. I don’t even really need Life Alert anymore,” said Esmeralda as she ripped the medical alert device from her neck and threw it in the gutter. In doing so, she fell and couldn’t get back up.

The bracelets sell for $29.99 and the pendants range from $29.99-$79.99 and can be purchased online directly from Power Balance.

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