SPRING HILL, FL  – Man living with Lions proposes to Lioness, Lioness accepts.
Jim Jablon has decided to spend all of January inside an enclosure with two lions to raise funds for a Florida wildlife rehabilitation center that has recently been met with hard times. Little did Jablon know that he would find love in this confined space.
He thought at first that it would be rather straight forward, wake up, bath in the pond, eat on all fours, defecate in the bushes and pet big cats. But now he realizes that there is so much more to life when living with lions. Jablon has been living with 2-year-old Lea and 1-year-old Ed for just a handful of days now but in that short period of time both Lea and Jim have become extremely close. So close in fact that Jim decided to pop the question. And Lea, well you guessed it, she said yes!
“I have always been very lonely. All my life I have felt like I was living in a cage with no one around.” said Jablon, “Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would find love in real cage. I know that I have only known Lea for a short amount of time but you just know when you have found the one.”

Throughout the day you can find the two of them grooming one another in a typical cat fashion. Lea will lick Jim’s hair and visa versa. It seems like a rather unfair trade though as Lea has so much more hair than Jim. But we all know that we do strange things for love.
However, the newly budding romance has not come without problems. Ed has become increasing jealous of Jim in the recent days. Ed will often play pranks on Jim throughout the day like putting Ex-lax in his kibble or spitting in Jim’s water bowl when Jim is not looking.
The happy couple plans to tie the knot at the end of this month. Guests are encouraged to throw catnip instead of rice. Lea is very concerned about how the rice might affect the digestive systems of the neighboring bird population.
Images of Jim Jablon are courtesy of ©Splashnews.com

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4 thoughts on “MAN LIVING WITH LIONS”

  1. this guy is at any moment,to become another( born free )person….as free as the wind blows, if he is lonely, let him read the bible ,or find a woman,somewhere. I can think of a thousand ,and one things to do,besides become a new MEAL for lions, he will be gone in 6 days, as soon as the lions ,no longer fear him, he WILL….. BECOME A MEAL, OR DINNER FOR TWO….HE is in their cage so let them EAT…. and all they need is water now.YOU CAN NOT Domesticate Wild Lions….it won't work…only God can do that…………He Wil Remove Fear of man, from Animals.

    • Look Darrel if gay marriage is Ok who are we to try and scare people with storys of lionesses
      eating people ?PETA is coming out with a full endorsment of this union as they see it as just
      another step towards marriage equality.Are you for or against civil rights is what it boils down

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