10 thoughts on “NEW STARBUCKS LOGO”

    • of course they are, Andrew God never created any sea creature bearing a head of a person unless it's from forces of evil.

  1. I am sitting in a Starbucks right now. The symbol on the cup and on the sign outside does NOT have a pentagram, just a five pointed star (no circle). There is no 666 on the symbol and not upside down crosses. Did they remove this or was it never there? I like knowing the truth and not a bunch of stoopid hype.

  2. Do you people research ANYTHING AT ALL or just post what some nutjob tells you? It took me like 15 seconds to find out what Starbucks new logo was… I *gasp* visited their WEBSITE. The new logo is the Siren without the "Starbucks" and "Coffee" wording. That's it!
    I'm Christian too, but you won't convince anyone you're telling them true and honest news by posting garbage like this without even TRYING to verify the authenticity first!


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