CINCINNATI, OH –  When the world is about to end, peace of mind can be found in extreme couponing.
In these hard times that many Americans are facing, there is little to which one can turn for comfort and solace. Some turn to religion, others to family, but Amanda Ostrowski, aka Manders, has found her piece of mind in extreme couponing.
Manders, is one of four shopaholics featured in the new smash hit reality TV program, Extreme Couponing, that aired yesterday on TLC. These penny pinching purchasers save hundreds of thousands of dollars while amassing enormous stockpiles of goods in the process. Manders is slightly different form the others though, her obsession with saving and stockpiling stems from her fears of Armageddon.

Fully aware that the world will come to end in 2012 or perhaps a little sooner depending on who you talk to, Manders has been clipping coupons, dumpster diving for saving and just plain haggling for a chance to amass as much as she can to weather the impending doom that faces mankind.
“There is no way that that 2012 movie is a lie. Roland Emmerich is too altruistic to lead us astray. Just like Jim Jones, God rest his soul” said Manders.
Manders so far has been able to accumulate a 10,000 item stockpile in her garage including 218 boxes of pasta, 150 candy bars, 2 turtle doves and a whopping 3,000 rolls of toilet paper. That’s enough toilet paper to wipe her butt for about 40 years.
“When I look at my toilet paper the feeling it brings to me is just absolute joy,” said Manders, “I feel great knowing that my derrière will be clean when there is nothing left behind.”
Manders says that she loves couponing and that it is like a high for her. “If I’m not clipping I start to twitch a little and I begin to itch all over,” she explained.
If you are anything like me, you know that you will be glued to the TV for the Extreme Couponing Marathon sure to hit the tele this summer. Let’s just hope that it airs before we all go boom.

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19 thoughts on “EXTREME COUPONING”

  1. Her and her husband are obese, gee I wonder WHY?! I think she needs to lay off the free candy bars! And doesn't her husband realize she will NEVER stop. Right now his man cave is being taken over, next his bed, then the bathroom…. They will be sleeping in a car next to 100 deodorants within a year! She has tied her SELF WORTH to her stock pile. She's only happy w/herself when she's shopping & saving money (on things she doesn't even need or could possibly use). I wonder if she's infertile? Maybe she's using this to cope with that??

  2. Well for anyone that reads this comment, this article and interview was not done with Amanda. This is completely bogus. I know this because SHE IS MY SISTER. For something like this to be posted by a site that calls themselves "the world's only reliable news", maybe you should actually start interviewing the person instead of making some crazy stuff up about her. As for you Sherrialicia, maybe you should go check for the real facts before you go believing some far-fetched incorrect news article. Her couponing has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with Armageddon. And her couponing and stock-piling has led her to be able to donate to the less-fortunate population in the Greater Cincinnati Area. So please, before you go making comments or publishing articles like this again, GET THE FACTS RIGHT!

    • I saw the episode of extreme couponing with your sister on it. I could not believe how much money she saved, Good for her! I'm trying to start couponing also but it's hard. I can't seem to get as much off as I would like. I was excited when I saved 50.00 off an order of 150.00
      Good luck to your family and keep couponing! 🙂

  3. oh my talk about putting words on paper that never came out of someones mouth. Do we even know what the word "altruistic" means? This is my niece you are talking about.She is so kind to so many people. She helps her GRANDMA ,(my Mom), as well as myself, and the neighbors,and her great aunt and uncle. Never asking for a penny for the boxes of goodies she delivers. So say what you want , you are the media and you do have a great way of exploiting things…. i hope she gets royalties from the t-shirts you are soon to print. Aunt Deb Ostrowski

    • Aunt Deb, the Weekly World News is satire in case you didn't know. But clearly you didn't. BTW no one would ever buy t-shirts of your niece, mugs maybe, but never t-shirts

  4. i wish amanda would post how she gets all the coupons and where she shops. she is a genius. i always thought i did good with coupons now i'm blown away. good for her. amanda contact me i live in dayton area.

  5. I'm with you Beth I'd love to hear how she does it. I watched the show & was amazed @ the deals she found. I get excited when I save $20 in coupons.

  6. cincymomtoo3 you should be ashamed of yourself. We as moms have shown are kids that talking bad about people isn't right and here you are bashing someone you don't even know. Maybe you should look yourself in the mirror before you talk.

  7. cincymomtoo3, do you really need to bash these people you must really be jealous that this women and her husband have a secret to saving thousands of dollars, and to give such a low blow to as maybe she is infertile that is disgusting, do you have children?, and think about how you would feel now if you couldnt have children, i think that you people that have nothing beter to do then bash other peoples lives need to grow up and leave them alone, and let them live their lives and do what ever the hell they want to

  8. AMANDA be proud of yourself.Don't let what other people say about you bother you because they are just jealous they can't do it or just don't want to.I think you are awesome.

  9. Good grief people, you do realize WWN isn't meant to be taken seriously right? While this sort of humor isn't everyone's cup of tea it is meant to be funny, not taken seriously.

  10. Hey if this is really Amanda's sister could you please ask her if she would be willing to hold a class on learning to be an extreme couponer. I would love to start this lifestyle to help my daughters and other less fortunate people in my neighborhood. I noticed that Missy Eby that was on the show offers classes to help others get started but she lives in Florida and I am in WV. Amanda is the only person so far that is close enough to possibly help me. Could you please ask her if this is something she would be willing to do. I am willing to travel if she would be willing to help. I tried to start on my own but I can't figure it all out. Thanks and I hope to get a response.

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