CELEBRATION, FL – The man responsible for the murder escaped prison.  Now he’s on the loose with a gang of costumed murderers!

Last week the violent crime occurred in the town of Celebration, a picturesque, Disney sponsored town in Central Florida. Though the deaths seemed unrelated at first, police later discovered that the crimes were committed by the same axe-wielding man dressed as Mickey Mouse.

Residents of Celebration were shocked upon hearing the news of the murders, which were the first in the town’s 15 year history.

“We didn’t even think twice when we saw that large, blood-covered Mickey Mouse character running around the town,” said Joyce Weatherby, who has lived in Celebration for five years. “We just thought it was another Disney stunt.”

But as events began to unfold, the people of Celebration found themselves caught in the middle of a gruesome murder spree.

It all ended when police arrested David-Israel Murillo, 28, after he allegedly beat, strangled and attacked Matteo Giovanditto with an ax over Thanksgiving weekend.

Peace seemed to be restored to the small town, but things quickly took a turn for the worse after Murillo escaped from his Central Florida prison earlier this week.

Police say he is armed and dangerous, and can be easily identified by his trademark Mickey Mouse tattoo.

“Everyone should be on the look out for a man dressed in a Mickey Mouse costume,” said Celebration Police Chief Randall Spitzer, “which, now that I think about it, is not that strange for Orlando.”

Authorities said the killer most likely joined up with his posse of costume-clad murders, and that the group is bent on terrorizing Disney theme parks.

“If you’re in Disney World and you happen to see a costumed character,” he continued, “run the other way. Don’t let your kids take a picture with them, and don’t, under any circumstances, ask for their autograph!”

Spokesman for Walt Disney World Resorts have not ruled out the possibility of shutting down the parks should more violent episodes occur.

“We employ hundreds of Mickeys,” said Jim Craigmore, Vice President of Public Relations for Walt Disney World. “Any one of them could be the murder. We’re better off playing it safe and shutting the place down – even if that means canceling the Christmas extravaganza.”

Meanwhile, the Disney Company has already announced plans to make a movie about the recent murder spree. The film’s tentative title is “Mickey Mouse and the Murders on Main Street.” Owen Wilson has already been cast as the murderous Mickey character.


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