BEIJING – Young men all over Asia are living in Egg Houses.

A young man who invented the egg houses, Dai Haifei, is a recent 24 year-old college graduate. He built the egg-shaped bamboo home in northwestern Beijing’s Haidian District where he has lived for the past two months.

And now, there are thousands of egg houses all over China, with more coming every day.

Haifei calls the egg-shaped cabin called “egg of the city,” that was presented during a biannual exhibition.

This project appealed to young Dai because it provided small homes for those struggling with low incomes. Determined to find a way to lower his own living expenses by eliminating the need to pay rent, Dai borrowed 6,400 yuan (US$958) from his family to build his own house.

The egg houses eliminate the cost of commuting to and from employment from his annual expenses.

Built with small wheels to render mobility, the interior of the cabin is constructed of woven bamboo boards fastened with nails. Bamboo mats and two kinds of insulation above the bamboo boards effectively retain the heat and keep out the water.

Although there is no kitchen, forcing the owners  to use the restaurants, karaoke clubs or stores nearby for food and restroom facilities. But there is also no cleanup or need to store food.  A 3 feet wide bed with several books on an overhead shelf and a water tank with a pressurized system provide water for bathing.

An oval-shaped gate with no lock surrounds the house, which stands about 6 feet. The gate was hollowed out of the cabin’s exterior, which made of gunnysacks.

According to the proud homeowner, the sacks contain grass seed that will sprout in the spring.

If  you are interested in an Egg House send us an email and we will put you in touch with Dai.

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  1. Yes, definitely want plans on how to make this. Can someone contact Dai Haifei and ask him if he would be willing to share his plans to construct one of these?


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