LONDON –  Classified documents in the latest WikiLeaks dump  reveal an extensive,  international cover-up of UFOs.


In a secure Skype chat with Weekly World News this morning, Julian Assange of Wikileaks – who is in an undisclosed bunker – confirmed that a large number of documents in his latest release reveal a massive international cover-up about the existence of UFOs and extraterrestrial life.

Assange indicated that WikiLeaks has unreleased documents about UFO, sparking concerns about the existence of the second form of life.  In a conversation with Frank Lake of WWN,  Assange said, ‘Many weirdos email us about UFOs or how they discovered that they were the anti-Christ whilst talking with their ex-wife at a garden party over a pot-plant.’

‘However, as yet they have not satisfied two of our publishing rules. However, it is worth noting that in yet-to-be-published parts of the Cable Gate archive there are numerous references to UFOs.’

Assange told WWN that after the recent earthquake in Haiti there were thousands of individuals that saw UFOs over the country.   Hillary Clinton ordered all photos of the UFOs destroyed.  She also ordered all documents relating to UFOs sightings in Haiti to be deleted from all computers.  But Assange has the documents and the photos.

Here’s one photo of the UFOs seen over Haiti on January 14, 2010 – two days after the 7.0 earthquake.

Assange went on to say that the international community is aware of an alien invasion that began in March of this year and that they predict will continue for the next five years.   “The global community is trying to protect the citizens of earth from the truth, which is that by 2015,  Earth will be controlled by aliens.”

The Obama Administration vehemently denied any allegation that they are covering up the existence of UFOs.   White House Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs mentioned the Weekly World News on Meet The Press this morning.  “The U.S. government is not the Weekly World News,”  Gibbs told David Gregory.  “There are no such things as UFOs an there is no alien invasion underway.  It’s all a lie.”

Really?  You think so, Mr. Gibbs?    Julian Assange plans on releasing the UFO documents to the public this week.

Oh, and BTW, Mr.  Gibbs.  How do you explain that the fact that on Friday, NASA researchers revealed that they had discovered the existence of l life on Mars and Jupiter?


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  1. Finally a commentary that fits ALL other parts of this puzzle and makes some sense. And it had to come from the lips of Mr. Asange (???) 1) Jesus predicted "signs" coming upon the earth on the last days". 2) Paul spoke about "principalities in high places". 3) We had a response to the message of SETI sent back at Arrecibo after a decade of years. 4) Several incidents point to the falling on earth of these ships and their pilots. 5) The hundreds of pictures taken. 6) the thounsand of witnesses and their testimony. 7) The thounsand of mutilations and specifically a human mutilation and its autopsy and examination done in Brasil a few years back.

  2. if you read the same on a reputable site, you'll see its very different. this article is make believe. ego1, aliens visiting earth is stupid, this is america, not north korea, we would no, why on earth would there be a cover up. if we ever find extraterrestial life, it will be the biggest discovery of man kind, unless your a redneck and believe you were abducted

    • Why would you say it is 'stupid'? As if America is the be all and end all of the universe? Why wouldn't America be invaded? UFOs are here, they exist. There are too many people now, from all around the world who have seen these things with their own eyes – including myself. To say, that you do not believe is vanity beyond reason. They have been making themselves known for years, and have definitely stepped up their activity around the world, within the last few years.

      The reason why governments have tried to keep this a secret for so long is that if UFOs run on FREE ENERGY. it has been found that they use the some kind of magnetic electricity for propulsion. If people found out about this 'free energy' that would put the oil industry plus the transport industry INCLUDING NASA out of business overnight. There would be no reason to use oil as a fuel anymore. So, the reason for the secrecy boils down to PROFITS

    • that video was found to be fake,but there are much better authentic ones available….is this disinformation,or a genuine mistake?

  3. Anyone who looks up into the sky very often is going to see a UFO. But even when you point them out to people they refuse to believe it. I see them most often during the day. Silver discs, that's the only way to describe them. They hover near clouds and they're easier to see with sunglasses on. Sometimes they'll "hide" behind a cloud and come out on the other side. Sometimes they seem to shoot straight up, becoming smaller and smaller until they disappear. Just look up sometimes and you are bound to see one.


    • Do you know how stupid and immature you sound what are you like 12 – 15 years old?This might be an unbelievable story but after reading adults post's than yours something tells me it is way past your bed time and your sneaking on the computer with out mom and dad knowing it.

    • We aliens have evolved far beyond the need to sleep that you humans have – It is a feeble weakness that we exploit to experiment on you. – Night night sleepy head…

  5. If you do the mah, it's very real that there may be alians out there. there are billion of stars in the sky.if they wanted us to know they would let us know, and i dont mean the government. we dont even know whats on the bottom of the ocean, Thats the problem with us. When we beleave in something so much its hard to get us to Liston to any new info.

    • It's Obvious That Not One Of You Has Ever Opened Up a Bible. ALIENS Baloney !!!
      Demonic Forces That Have Been At Work Since The Very Beginning Of Time….
      What Do You Think About Our Government Going Downhill ??? Start Thinking
      OUTSIDE Of The Box—Quit Believing Our CONTROLLED Media. Search and
      Discover Why God Was Taken Out Of Our Schools. It's All A-B-C …Evil Verses Good.
      Demons Are Already In Control…Dust Off Your Bibles People Or As Christ Would
      Say "Haven't YOU Read It ???? It's ALL There !!!

  6. The truth will set you free keep searching for the truth it out there. Anyone who thinks that out of 1,000,000,000 billion galaxies each having 1,000,000,000 starsthat this s##t on earth is it is an idiot with no sense of reasoning. Big surprise coming to the idiots.

  7. Well the picture that was provided was from the promo trailer for Halo 3. And the interview details were stolen verbatim from the interview that Julian Assange conducted with the Guardian newspaper. Lol

  8. Maybe Assange was just trollin' around here. Old picture. Sure, there could be alien life out there, but that doesn't mean we should believe all the hype about this. You can only truly believe when you've seen it and it's real.

    • I wouldn't worry so much about an alien invasion. First off the government is already controlled by aliens, thats why they won't disclose it! thats why they are suing wikileaks for 150 million and why they are trying to jail Assange so he won't release the info. If humanity found about that every aspect of our lives are cleverly controled bby higher intelligence beings, the world would go crazy! disclosure.. won't happen.. unless Assange or another human force it out into the public. If he did disclose it, they would probably just shut off the internet hahaha

  9. What do you EXPECT Robert Gibbs to say? Administration is going to Open up a can of worms like this? However, President Obama is well aware of these things and will be instrumental in introducing the world to our neighbours. WHEN the proper time comes.

  10. Hello,

    As a Radio Talk show host on the subject the photo you have used of ufos over Haiti was a fake and the person on Youtube came out last year or in 2009 stating they CGI the video.
    Now as for UFO reports during the Haiti Earth Quake that is true .These UFO events were reported.
    You need to check your facts when posting UFO Photos.
    Again those are faked ,
    Then Again you are the Weekly World News whoever would think that you could makesure your information is accurate.

    • why cant you get it in your mind,that they are here,et's are here,i am a ufoligist of 50 yrs,going on 80,and my study shows they have been here since the beginning of time!and also mufon member!you young,folk,nothing of your past anyway,do you know who,bing crosby was,peter lorie,al jolson,jimmey durante,most of you below 30's,have no idea,the act that i do in stand up,so how would you know the truth that ufo's are real! mk,

  11. An "Update" for the "Uninformed"…which, by the way, inculdes the vast majority of our "scientific community".

    There are 4 fundimental reasons why the "powers that be" take the position they do:

    1. They are deathly afraid of a national panic.
    2. They cannot admit that they have been lying to the public for over 60 years.
    3. They cannot admit that compartmental elements of both the military and intelligence communities have and are cooperating with Aliens primarily in underground facilities both here and on the Moon.
    4. They cannot admit that human body parts have been found stored aboard downed alien space craft and that humans are abducted and kept alive in special storage vats underground for "scientific use" .

    • 5) if they admitted it, then all religions would prove to be a lie, there for destroying the fabric of many many lives. while i dont believe in any god or goods, and dont think a book written 600 years after some dude died could be correct (chinese whispered, things change drastically)

      so many people in this world need a god to believe in.
      however the Egyptians said 'our gods are here on earth, they proved them selves to us, and they told us which planet they came from'
      they gave great details about everything they ever did but made no mention of the pyramids, which is strange as they even wrote many huge articles on their houses, their city's, there beliefs (the gods with the big heads), how to make tools and weapons, where their city's are located, how to dress, everything and anything they could think of they wrote down, but zilch about how they built the greatest thing they are supposed to have achieved.. maybe they had already been constructed.
      think about it, tribes in a desert suddenly come together under 3 gods, make huge citys and die off when the gods died / left

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  13. why is it people with no job to do and too much time to sit and smoke weed the only people that are gullable enough to buy into this crap. Get of the couch wankers and go outside and live a little

  14. Everybody get ready. Disclosure is weeks away. Don't panic about our galactic brothers and sisters. Galactics 'R' Us. They represent our future selves. They aren't 'out there', they are here and have been here for millennia. It is not they who have not been ready for disclosure. It is us who have not been ready for disclosure. We have awakened. It is not they who would 'enslave humanity.' We are already enslaved by the ones who accuse our galactic family of enslaving humanity. Now we are about to be liberated. We will liberate ourselves with their help. That is the way it is going to go. Take it or leave it. Its all good. Do not fear.

  15. They are here. They have always been here. However, I have definitely noticed, within the last two years at least, very active UFO activity – especially within the City of Liverpool, where I live. There will be worldwide disclosure on UFOs soon, as something is definitely happening in the line of this.

    There are too many people now with camera phones, portable cams and other devices in which to capture these 'alien' craft. Governments can no longer keep these things secret now, as we are not living back in the days of the Mcarthy era – 1950s.

    Furthermore, official Government agencies cannot threaten everyone who pictures alien craft now, as it is just an impossible mission. The only question I want answered is this, why have we been lied to and denied the truth about UFOs for so long, when clearly they exist?

  16. the people who actullaly sit down and think about space are far more enteligent than anyone who has been brainwashed enough to think money is the reason why we are here. there life's have been wasted if they cannot imagine whats out there.


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