HAYDEN, IDA KKK Snowman is on the loose, terrorizing local residents with his noose.

A Hayden, Idaho, resident decided to spread a little hate courtesy of a noose-carrying, ten-foot tall KKK hood-wearing snowman that he made on his front lawn.

But the man was further shocked when he the KKK Snowman came to life and walked off his lawn.

Several area parents noticed the offensive snow sculpture, located in front of a home while taking their kids to school Wednesday morning.

Soon after, the KKK Snowman was chasing them down the street, trying to hang the kids from the town Christmas tree.

The original “snow sculpture”  was of a snowman with a pointed hat and an outstretched right hand with a noose in it.  Residents in the neighborhood say the homeowners also have an Aryan Nations flag on display.

One resident, Jeremy Jones, said he was  “appalled at the nerve someone had to threaten people in our community with their signs of hatred,” adding that this is a season of love and hope, not hate.

The KKK Snowman hung Jeremy Jones.

The homeowner, Mark Q., who had the offensive snow sculpture in front of posted flags ranging from an Aryan Nations flag to an SS flag at his home, drawing the ire of his neighbors.

In October, he angered residents further when, according to neighbors, he passed out bullets on Halloween. Three kids and five moose were shot.

Mark Q. refuted his neighbors claims, saying he didn’t actually pass out bullets, but rather he passed out bullet casings, and only did so after he ran out of candy.   The wounded children and dead moose disagreed with Mark Q.’s lies.

A self-described white separatist, Mark Q., said Wednesday there was nothing wrong with his snowman.

He said he put the snowman on his front lawn about a week ago. At first the snowman was much smaller, but someone attempted to knock it over within the last day or two, so he rebuilt it. It was about 10 feet tall Wednesday morning. Mark Q. lives about 100 yards away from Hayden Meadows Elementary School and several concerned parents called authorities about the snowman.

The 10 foot tall KKK Snowman came to life this morning and walked off the lawn.  Mark Q. tried to shoot the KKK Snowman, but that only angered the man of snow more.  The KKK Snowman turned back, grabbed Mark Q. and hung him from his own tree.

Two Kootenai County sheriff’s deputies went to his home Wednesday and said there is a statute in Idaho against hanging nooses, so they charged the dead Mark Q. with a violation.

Be on the lookout for the KKK Snowman!!!

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