DAYTONA BEACH – The LPGA banished its “female at birth” rule, opening its doors to transgendered players, transvestites and cross-dressers.

The LPGA has implemented a new “big tent” policy.  It announced yesterday that they have changed the rule that players must be “female at birth.”   This was great new to all the transgender golfers in the world.

The LPGA then went on to say that they will welcome transvestites and cross-dressers on the LPGA tour as well.  “As long as a player has a skirt on, they can play 0n the tour,” said Bridget Barton, an LPGA spokesperson.  “We don’t care if players have (or had) a penis –  if they feel they are “female” on the inside, then they are welcome to play in the LPGA.”

The milestone vote took place Tuesday night among players in attendance at this week’s season-ending Tour Championship in Orlando.

The decision comes amid an ongoing legal battle between the LPGA and 57-year-old Lana Lawless.

Lawless, who underwent surgery to become a woman in 2005, sued the LPGA Tour in October, claiming the tour’s requirement that competitors be “female at birth” violates California civil rights law.

Lana Lawless

The retired police officer, who burst onto the scene by winning the women’s long-drive world championship in 2008 with a 254-yard drive, says the LPGA rules have thwarted her attempts to qualify to play on the tour.

“I could participate in female wrestling in international Olympic events but here in my own state, in my chosen profession, because of blatant prejudice, I am excluded and discriminated against,” Lawless said in a statement.

“It is important to fight intolerance wherever it rears its ugly head,” she added.

LPGA Commissioner Michael Whan said the players had agreed to amend the LPGA Constitution to allow transgendered players.  In a statement, he said steps would be taken in the next few weeks to “make the appropriate changes in the language of the Constitution.”

Here’s the first transvestite player to join the LPGA.  Daisy Mae Johnson:

“We feel that the addition of transgender players, transvestites and cross-dressers will now make the LPGA more competitive with the PGA (and the WWE),” said Barton.  “Our advertising rates are already going up.”

The question everyone is asking is: will Tiger Woods put on a skirt and join the LPGA?

What do you think?

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