BOISE, ID – A Boise  physician has volunteered to perform breast exams in bars and nightclubs.  And the women of Idaho support him.

Scott Edwards, 45, an OB-GYN with his own practice in Boise felt that many young women were not getting proper breast exams, were not coming into his office for checkups – so he decided to go to nightclubs and bars, volunteering to give the women breast exams

“A U.S. government panel last year recommended that women wait until they turn 50 to get mammograms, but I think women should be checked a lot earlier.  Women in their 20s need to learn how to check their own breasts for lumps and I’m just trying to help women any way I can,”  said Edwards.

Judging from the reaction of the women in Boise, his Breast Night Out are working.  The women are glad Dr. Edwards is devoting his free time to giving them breast exams.

“He spent ten minutes with me  in the bathroom and he really checked my breasts out carefully.  I would have never gone to the doctor to have it done, I’m so glad he came to The Torch to check me out,” said Missy Chandle, 26.

Local authorities are trying to find a reason to arrest Dr. Edwards, but so far they have none.  “He’s a licensed physician, he has no complaints against him and he feels he’s doing a service for the women in the community, all of whom support him… so there’s not much we can do,” said Officer Chris Blanton of the Boise Police Department.

“I don’t give a damn if he’s a doctor or not, if he tries to take my girlfriend in the bathroom and fondle her again, he’s going to need a doctor – bad,” said Chuck Warwick, whose girlfriend Tammy had a twenty minute exam with Dr. Edwards at The Viper Pit, last night.

Dr. Edwards is also advising women about cosmetic surgical procedures  – including breast augmentation and liposuction.  “He even told me he’d vajazzle me.  He’s so awesome,” said Tiffany Moore.

Doctors giving their time outside the office to help people…. there are good doctors in this world.

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  1. He should tour with a band. Breast exams could be included in the price of the ticket. He can have a booth right there next to the merch table. I think it's wonderful that he is spreading awareness and providing such thorough treatment. Our healthcare system needs more innovative doctors who are willing to think outside the box, even if it's in a stall.

  2. Elsa, glad to see a woman who shares such an opinion of the good work this doctor is doing. I may switch to a premed degree and work on such services as well


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