SAN FRANCISCO –  The City Council of San Francisco voted yesterday to outlaw circumcision.
The new law  makes it a misdemeanor to “circumcise, excise, cut or mutilate the…genitals” of all minors, and does not make exceptions for religious reasons.
The decision to permanently remove a boy’s foreskin should not be made by parents, says William Barfield, the author of the new law.
“People can practice whatever religion they want, but a man’s body is a man’s body,” said Barfield.  “His body doesn’t belong to his culture, his government, his religion or even his parents. It’s his decision.”
Some parents interviewed by WWN disagreed.
“What?  It’s my baby boy and I’m going to clip his wee-wee about five minutes after he’s born, because that’s the way we do things,” said Jefferson Tomkins of the Haight.
“Government can’t rule us on everything we do,” said Ashley Morter. The San Francisco mother told WWN that she had her son circumcised just 3 weeks prior. “It’s a health issue. It’s cleaner,” Morter said.

In July, a researcher from the Centers for Disease Control presented statistics showing that 32% of boys underwent the procedure in 2009. While the figure does not include circumcisions done outside of medical facilities, it’s a precipitous drop from the 56% of boys who were circumcised three years earlier in 2006.
Some supporters of male circumcision argue that the practice helps stop the spread of HIV and is more hygienic. Opponents say it can be painful and robs men of greater sexual sensation.
“We must stop genital mutilation in this country,” said Barfield.

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  1. King David of the Old Testament used 200 foreskins to buy himself a wife. No doubt the doctors in San Francisco have been collecting wee-wee clippings to buy themselves wives, and now they will have to hit the singles bars just like everyone else.

  2. If doctors in the U.S. are cutting healthy, normally functioning foreskins off of babies for $300, what healthy, normally functioning body structures are they cutting off of adults for $3,000?

  3. For all those who think it's ok to mutilate a perfectly healthy infant boy (or girl) against it's will or consent then I say MAN up and spread your legs. I was robbed of my foreskin shortly after birth. I was born prematurely as if that weren't enough of a challenge and the doctors convinced my mother to mutilate me with out her fully understanding what it meant (I was her first born son). My father, 4 younger brothers, 2 nephews and my partner are all intact. 
    Even though I don't have a badly botched cut I do have a skin bridge on my shaft and inner skin, I have a scar and a small piece of missing flesh from the head of my penis and a crooked messy scar line (jagged and imperfectly symmetrical)
    I didn't ask for any of this. If I had to choose to do this I never would have! But that's the point I wasn't given a choice. That was stolen from me at birth. But it's my body and I have to live in it for the rest of my life. My mother doesn't clean my penis, hasn't for a very many years now. The doctors and my parents aren't in bed with me and my partner. It's my body my choice. 
    Stop this bull about it being just a snip, just a flap of skin or the crap about not being able to remember any of it. The trauma is there. The damage is done. As I get older I'm noticing more and more difficulty with sensitivity and sensations ( I'm 34!!)
    Agree to disagree if you want. I don't care. The bottom line is NO ONE DID ME A FAVOR by mutilating me. They violated my body and my rights. Point blank. 
    Politics, religion, doctors and parents have nothing to do with a healthy boys penis. He is born perfect as god intended him to be. If he want to get cut for religion or hygiene or his partner or whatever, then he can and should make that decision for himself. He and he alone!
    Men have an ultimate right to this body part and its functions, that no other person has the right to take from them, especially when they are infants and unable to resist.

  4. There is no redundant tissue in the male anatomy (with the exception of the appendix perhaps)
    If its there, its meant to be and has a function.

  5. These people have NO RIGHT to force their opinion on parents Only parents have the right to decide what is best for their child and this should be enshrined in the Constitution
    HOW DARE THEY !!!! I hope they get sued

    • Easy. Improper medicine should not be forced on parents to make an improper decision. Hope you get sued.

  6. I think the real target is the female mutilation practiced by some African tribes, some members of which have moved to the USA, In its most severe form, it includes removing the clitoris and labia, and sewing the vagina shut — which is indeed mutilation. And it is done on young girls, not babies, and often without any anesthesia. Many African Muslims practice this, although it is NOT part of Islam per se, but has gotten mixed in as a folk practice. Unfortunately, it's difficult to target one group without somebody screaming "discrimination." But all this law will do is cause people to go somewhere else to have it done. A law like this would never fly in New York.

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  9. Finely. the rest of the united states should adopt this too. a foreskin is not a birth defect it is functional tissue that is very useful. there is no need to fix something thats not broken. circumcising minors is WRONG!!!!

  10. While I think it should be a felony and not a misdemeanor as that is demeaning that you can mutilate a boys genitals and it's equivalent to the severity of a parking ticket under the law.. Nevertheless, it's at least a small step in the right direction to help protect human rights.


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