CLEVELAND –  Roma Gypsies are invading Cleveland, taking advantage of the current economic crisis to set up tent neighborhoods.

Roma, called Gypsies, had traveled around rural areas of America in the 1930s. Many Roma from Russia and the Balkan countries came to the U.S. and Canada during the late 1800s. Experts believe Roma originated from northwestern India, but hundreds of years ago they were labeled Gypsies because people incorrectly thought they came from Egypt. Gypsies were persecuted by the Nazis during the late 1930s and early 1940s. Nearly 500,000 Roma people died in concentration camps.

Since then, Gypsies have roamed all over Europe – Eastern and Western.  Recently, thousands of Roma gypsies deported from France are heading for the midwest of the United States.  Many have been spotted in Pennsylvania and Michigan but there has been a large number seen in recent weeks in Ohio, with close to 50,000 setting up camps in Cleveland and the surrounding suburbs.

Ohio has the perfect weather for us,” said Radva Kurcik, a Roma leader from Romania.  “There are also many empty office buildings and houses in Cleveland, that we intend to take over.  We love Cleveland!”

The Cleveland Police have not yet taken any action against the gypsies.  “We do not want to racial profile any group.  We are taking this gypsy situation seriously, but we’re going slowly.”

“Going slowly?” said Jim Scott of Hudson, Ohio.  “We got gypsies all over the place.  There was over five hundred setting up camp on our town football field. Somebody has to do something!”


Many of the gypsies have already managed to get onto the unemployment rolls in Ohio.  “They make it very easy for you to get unemployment benefits and food stamps.  Plus, President Obama met with us over the weekend and promised us free healthcare, said Katrina Vldoch.  “America is the greatest nation in the world.”


Many Cleveland residents are upset about the influx of Gypsies.  “They are thieves and robbers.  They don’t work and they don’t contribute to society.  We want the government to do something!  We want them out!” said Missy Connors of Cleveland.

Connors was later arrested for attacking a gypsy that had moved into her house.  “The Police are siding with the gypsies. This is outrageous!” said Scott.

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson said that the city is planning to have a meeting to discuss forming a panel to address the Gypsy situation.  “We don’t want to discriminate about anybody.  Cleveland loves diversity.”

Meanwhile, the Obama Administration has told the Roma leadership that gypsies are welcome in America – especially in Ohio.  But, if Ohio voters promise to vote for Obama in 2012, the Administration said that they will encourage Gypsies to head to Missouri.




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  1. Yoy. On time Gypsies won a law suit against the city of Spokane WA. They were self insured and bankrupt. The fear was that we were going to be awarded the city of Spokane.

    With racist attitudes like these, Spokane is looking pretty good.

  2. I never new how much hatred there is in America toward gypsies!!!!!!!!!!! If this were any other RACE of people this woudnt even be a issue………

  3. Come to Flint Michigan,We have plenty of room here for you & SO Many deserted homes & Land(including all the empty areas that GM once used)& WE don’t DISCRIMINATE!!!!!!

  4. Americans forgot that European invaded America in the 15th century and killed millions of Amerindians??!! NeithertThey know that Gypsies never made war against anybody…..
    All Amercians came from other cintinent and invaded America, so please , think because saying such nonsense that Gypsies are ''invading'' ……. There is too much racism inthe USA

  5. Racism in the USA? These thieves are considered absolute pests by nearly everyone in Europe as well. Over 45% of Czech's want them expelled from the Czech Republic and over 90% wouldn't want to live next to them. They are hated for a reason. I live around Cleveland, and haven't encountered any, but I hope they get out. Even the most liberal of Europeans don't like Gypsies. They are traveling thieves, and aren't hated primarily because of race.

  6. Gypsy scam artists have invaded ebay and other internet selling sites. They use many false buyer and seller names and change these names when ever they think they might be found out. An example: they buy something in Ohio and then send it to Florida to be copyrighted and reproduced. They are into everything and they network all over the USA and Europe with other Roma/Gypsy families. Many of them now live in VERY nice homes and drive luxury cars, trucks & RVs. They steal creative ideas in every imaginable venue. Then they force the original creator out of business. They also buy original vintage/antique items of EVERY Sort…Then copyright the items whenever possible. It is amazing how they run their scams. They re create so many different kind of things and sell them as authentic original antique or vintage items again and again. Many younger ones are internet scam geniuses for the network here in USA and Europe. They have a huge inter link of families. Some are just paid to search the internet all day and night for ideas and items they can steal and copy. They buy original art and craft creations on ebay, craft or art fairs, famers markets, state fairs and then file a copy write
    on the items. Once the copyright is in place they contact the original creator telling them to STOP infringing on their copyrighted items. They are experts at scams. I lived with them for several years. We lived well. The upper level ones know how to have fun. If you are an insider life can be very good. When one person thinks up a new money making idea they contact other families to help and every one makes something from the scheme. Some get a flat monthly income for what ever they are asked to do. In the old days woman mostly just took care of the family. Now they are very involved in the activities I just described. They pray upon the illiterate poorer Gypsy family groups in kind of a mafia way. The upper level provide the poorer ones with things to sell at swap meets and on street corners in USA. In Europe they sell rugs, furniture, plants, etc off the backs of trucks they drive through neighborhoods in France, England Germany etc. Also poorer ones have to do various work for the top level groups. Also some more powerful gypsies force the illiterate families pay them part of the all money taken in each week. It was heart breaking to see the woman and children out begging with quota’s on how much they have to get each day. These are the gypsies you see in the tents and photos here.
    It is not obvious who the gypsy families are in the United States. They have signals to identify themselves to each other. So this is it…..Beware!

  7. What bizarre comments – the internet is becoming a garbage dump for idiots. If you dont have something productive to contribute why do you bother ? How ignorant.

  8. i don't blame them for setting up camp in abandoned buildings but the whole moving in to the one woman's house and the football field is a little far. but i don't mind them they are people just like us and if they keep to themselves i'm fine with them being here. (Cleveland)

  9. If you do not believe the words of your fellow countrymen, it is ok, because, like you, they have not lived in placed packed full of these people and only speak of what they read or see on TV. But you can believe me. I live in Romania and 100% of Romanians live in fear of gypsies who are incredibly bold and feel like they can do anything because the police is corrupt and does nothing to protect the citizens. In America they might fear the judicial system and the police more, but do not fall for their crap. Gypsy beggars in Bucharest drive cars and have smartphones. I work 8 hours a day and cannot afford either one. Do not go calling people racist just because you have lived on the protected side of the world until now.

  10. How does one happen to meet a Gypsy let alone marry one? I like Gypsy music and have several cd's of their music so I don't dislike them. Might be interesting to meet one anyway!


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