AUAYAN, Philippines – The strongest cyclone in years hit the Philippines on Monday.

A super typhoon hit the Philippines killing at least three people Monday, leaving a wasteland of fallen trees and power poles and sending thousands scampering to safety in near-zero visibility.

A retired general said bracing for the onslaught meant that they had to prepare for war – with North Korea

Super Typhoon Megi, blew across the northern Philippines, and was heading for China and Vietnam.  Leaders of all three countries believe that the North Koreans, who have been experimenting with climate manipulation, are responsible for the typhoon.

Strong currents on Vietnam’s flooded main highway swept away a bus and  of its passengers, including a boy pulled from his mother’s grasp. In China, authorities evacuated 140,000 people from a coastal province ahead of the typhoon.

The North Koreans have denied causing the typhoon, though the new leader of North Korea Kim Jong-Un said in a statement to reporters last week, “I want to cause a major typhoon in China and Vietnam and especially in The Philippines.”

Chinese leader Hu Jintao had invited his North Korean counterpart Kim Jong-Il and his new leadership line-up to visit China.
The invitation was given on behalf of Hu by a senior communist official who attended North Korea’s national day celebrations on Sunday.  But the typhoon has caused Hu Jintao to withdraw his invitation.
Political analysts say this is a sign the Chinese regime has not accepted Kim Jong-Il’s succession plan, and could signify a new war between North Korean and its neighbors.
Meanwhile, the super typhoon keeps pounding the Philippines – and The Philippine Army prepares for war.
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