BRITISH COLUMBIA –  Teen pop sensation, Justin Bieber, gave a 12-year-old a beat down during a game of laser tag on Friday night!

Pop superstar, Justin Bieber,  was called a homophobic slur during a game of laser tag this weekend.  But J-Biebs wasn’t going to put with that, especially from a 12-year-old in a wheelchair.   So Bieber and his posse – all who were carrying ice cream cones – gave the 12-year-old a beat down.

Bieber playing Laser Tag
Bieber said that the kid,  Little Timmy Chandler,  was being overly aggressive during the laser tag game.  “It was unfair, man… the kid kept trying to hit me with his laser.”   When told that the game is played that way, Bieber had this to say, “Don’t mess up my hair!”
Bieber threatened to yell at Little Timmy, who told Bieber, “What are you gonna do about it, f*ggot?”

“Excuse me?” the 16-year-old star said in disbelief.

“You’re a f*ggot”  Little Timmy said.   At that point Bieber got behind Little Timmy, rolled him to an emergency exit  and pushed him down a flight of stairs in his wheelchair.  “Who’s the f*ggott now?”  Bieber shouted.

Little Timmy is fine now.  He’ll be wearing a halo on his skull for the next six months, but he’ll be all right.  When told that Little Timmy may have broken his neck (again), Bieber said,  “So what?  He called me a f*ggot” and there’s nothing worse than that.  I should have thrown him out a window.”

Bieber has been in his hotel crying all weekend.  Usher, who wants to gain street cred by hanging out with the super-tough Bieber, rushed to J-Biebs side.

Usher said that when Little Timmy gets out of the hospital, he plans on throwing Little Timmy down the stairs himself.  “Nobody messes with my Bieby.  Nobody!”   Usher than did a dance for J-Biebs.  But J-Biebs just kept on crying.

There is speculation that Bieber is trying to switch from pop music to rap and that this was just a publicity stunt so that he can prove to the rap community that he knows how to throw down.   “I’m thinking of buying a BBieb gun.   So watch out  Eminem, I’m coming!”

Meanwhile, Little Timmy has vowed to hunt down the Bieber.    “I don’t care if I can only move my tongue.  I’ll take him, I’ll beat his little bony white ass.”

Baby, baby… it’s just another day in the life of The Biebs…

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14 thoughts on “DON’T MESS WITH THE BIEBER!”

  1. This article is a joke, NOT how it went down.

    The 12-year-old runt, whose name is not being released, sustained minor injuries that did not require medical care. The kid’s litigous father is apparently a lawyer and reported the incident to police. Sounds like dad might try to get a piece of the Bieber pie.

    Broken neck, stairs, window, my ass. pathetic article ya got here.

  2. HHAHAHAHAHHAHHA, OBVIOUSLY BULL! First of all Beebs? It's Biebs! And that's totally unrealistic. I mean, come on. You can do better than that.

  3. it is so cool that usher said that he would throw little timmy down the stairs after he got out of the hospital so he dosen't mess with the hottest person named JB!


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