HOLLYWOOD – ABC is launching a new reality show – Celebrity Coal Mine.

Hollywood is once again taking a major world event and making it into… entertainment!  Yay!   After the thrilling rescue of 33 Chilean miners, producers of the mega-hit, Dancing With The Stars, got the idea for the new reality show.

The premise:  celebrities are put in a coal mine – 2,000 feet below the earth’s surface – and then each week one of them will earn a trip to the top and get out of the coal mine.   “It’s brilliant, absolutely brilliant,” said  DWTS producer Lloyd Moher about his own idea.  “I was shaving this morning and when I saw those miners come up on the TV and the real human drama of it all, I said to myself – ‘that’s a reality show’!”

“It’s a combination Survivor meets Dancing With The Stars,” said ABC Network executive, Rachel Kelly.  “We have twelve celebrities down in the mine. They will get food and water and make-up and prescription drugs – everything they need in the real world – then they will have to perform a dance routine in the coal mine.  Each week the best dancer gets to go up.  It’s a fantastic show.”

Flavor Flav and Bret Michaels have already signed up to be on the show.

Tom Bergeron and Brooke  Burke have already signed on to be hosts.  They are working on a catch phrase that can be said each week at the end of the show.  Some phrases they are considering:  “You go up!”,  “Go to the top!”,  “You can live!”

Coal miners in West Virgina are not happy about the show.  “Typical Hollywood B.S., they do a show about miners and they film it in Los Angeles. What kind of crap is that?  There’s no coal mines in Los Angeles?” said Hank Bowley of Buery, West Virginia.

“We can’t get celebrities to go to West Virginia.  They want to be near their agents and managers.  So, we’re building a mine shaft in Culver City.  It’s not as deep as the shafts in West Virginia, but it’s a good shaft.  The celebrities have approved of the shaft,” said Moher.

The show will premier in January.   The ideas they keep pumping out in Hollywood – amazing!

You go up!




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