LOS ANGELES – Miley Cyrus, who turned 19 on November 23rd, 2011, has done photo spread for Playboy!
Ever since Miley Cyrus turned 18, Hugh Hefner had been trying to sign her up to pose naked in Playboy.  Finally, with the approval of Miley Cyrus’ parents (Billy Ray and Tish), it’s a done deal – according to reports out of Arizona.
The photos were taken the day after her 18th birthday by Playboy’s top photographers, including Vlad Comito. The concept was approved by Hef himself, who says that Miley’s photo spread, will become a worldwide sensation.
The 84-year-old Playboy tycoon always thought the ‘Hannah Montana’ star – who caused controversy in 2008 by posing in just a blanket in Vanity Fair magazine for photographer Annie Leibovitz – would be a hit with readers of the adult magazine after she turns 18.
Hefner  said,  “We are excited to have her appear in the magazine. She’s a very pretty lady.”

Hefner, who thinks he still has three live-in girlfriends (even though they all moved out a year ago), also insists he can’t understand why some people are upset about Miley appearing in the magazine.  “Every woman wants to appear in Playboy,”  said Playboy CEO Sandra Piccoli.  “There’s a lot of  boys that grew up with her, and she is their fantasy girl.  And there are a lot of other men who buy our magazine because they love to see beautiful women.  Miley turned 18, so she is a legal adult and and officially  a woman.”
Playboy feels that the issue will be a smash success.  “If Miley wants to pose naked, as an adult, she has the right to do so,” said Piccoli.

Hefner is not surprised that some Americans object to Miley being in the magazine:  “I think it’s a reflection on how schizophrenic America is about sexuality.”  Many parents have complained recently about Miley’s new videos which seem racy.  There’s going to be even more complaints when they see her Playboy photo-spread.  Miley has agreed to pose completely naked.
Recently, Miley, has been accused of being too “slutty” – an artistic choice she made for her latest video.  Some may think that the Playboy photos may be a step too far for the young star, but she  will join a long line of celebrities to appear in the magazine:  Denise Richards, Drew Barrymore and Pamela Anderson have previously bared all for the publication.
There’s also concern because Miley is in talks to join the wild indie band, Moses Blue, on the road next summer.
Hugh founded Playboy in 1953, almost 40 years before Miley was born.  Insiders say the elderly Hef is losing some of his mental faculties because he’s started wearing suits, and shoes.  No more bathrobes and slippers.
WWN can confirm that the rumors about Billy Ray, playing a tuba, appearing in the background of some of Miley’s  Playboy photos are completely false, though they may be true.
WWN can also confirm that Billy Ray asked Hef if Playboy would dedicate an entire Playboy issue to him.  “I’ve always wanted to appear naked in Playboy.  I know it’s for guys, but I’m so damn good-looking, I deserve a spread and everyone deserves to be able to look at me naked!”
The Miley Playboy issue should be on newsstands starting one year after her 19th birthday:   it was supposed to come out 11.28.11, but has been postponed by Hef, due to pressure from Miley’s handlers.

Miley is a big girl now, she Can’t Be Tamed:

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759 thoughts on “MILEY CYRUS TO DO PLAYBOY”

  1. miley cyrus was my dream sister but she is doing drugs am sick and tired of her mess so if I ever is her in person I am going to punch her in the mouth.

  2. One word:
    Miley you suck a**
    Ok sorry …. I used to be obsessed with you but now.. WTF!?
    Your the stupidest girl I've ever seen taking these drugs posting these smoking video acting slutty (Your 19…. I guess that's fine but…. PLAYBOY WTF!?) BUT PLAYBOY!?!?!?!? You've just crossed the line. Why don't you think about children?
    Yeah-like that will do you some good
    your getting more haters by the minute! 🙁
    (I'm sorry but ur a whore and i hate you now)

    • I happen to agree with you. Why is it that when a girl ridicules another girl for being disrespectful to herself and the youth of America, that they're suddenly jealous? People who called you jealous are probably slutty girls and horny men. Playboy is not nudity for the art, it is for men to jack off. If that's what she wants to make of herself, then so be it. But she's lost my respect.

  3. i used to b totally obsessed wit her wen she was in Hannah Montana now in a couple of years im not going to b surprised if she turns into the next Brittney spears.

  4. That is true she's grown up let her do wat sh3 wantes to do plz if u think I am wrong leave a comment it is her life so back off off u have a problem deal with me plz leave her and her life alone

    • How can you tell someone to leave her and her life alone when she's the one crying for the attention and making everything public to begin with? If she wanted to be left alone, you think she'd be on the big screen and in magazines posing nude? Hell no. She does it FOR the publicity. Like, dude, you are a fan, not her body guard. You don't have to tell people to "deal with you." I happen to look down on ANY girl that disrespects herself like that. And I look down on father's that allow them to do that, too.

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  6. Get over yourselfs! Of course I'm not on Mileys side with this, but I'm not going to say rude things about her. If you hate it so much maybe you shouldn't bother putting your whole thought into it, right a$$holes? 😉

  7. I heard that when Disney signs up children for their TV shows, theres a clause in their contract that states that when they grow up, they arent allowed to pose nude for any reason. They had this problem with some of the 1950s Mouseketeers.

  8. all the disney channel stars have grown up and wants to move on and do bigger and better things…..but kids of all ages loves to watch these disney stars and when these disney stars like miley cyrus wants to do playboy its all up to her but what does it show all the younger fans that love and adore her,that they should do playboy too or drink and do drugs,it causes these kids to want to be like them and do what they do….and that aint cool at all,if these stars gonna be role models they need to be a good role model not a bad one!!!!!!

  9. Oh what a wonderful site and sound. I just love the sound of skunks. This show is a long time coming. Hopefully it will open the public's eye on how wonderful these animals are.

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    • I don't understand anything you just wrote up there. There's a lot of typos and misspellings. Could you fix that so I know what you're trying to say? Thanks.

  11. She's young hot and has a perfect body she can do it and make a killing shell be the hottest one out there she's just picture perfect women are just jealous of her cause she's hot and their husbands lust over her

  12. She just turned 18 and she already has a bunch of middle aged men talking about getting her naked. That's extra creepy if you ask me. She was on disney channel for crying out loud! I watched Hannah Montana all the time. I idolized this girl! Now all the creeps are talking about her like she's a piece of meat. It's her choice, I know that. I respect it whatever it may be. All I know is it's going to stir up a hornet's nest in the media. Oh and to all the guys out there that were just waiting and being creepy waiting for her to turn 18, why don't you go home and watch some earlier seasons of Hannah Montana when she was younger. Does she look sexy there you creeps?!? Gosh I just hate pigs that just want to see young girls naked. It's creepy as hell!!!

    • no different than all the middle aged women going off about Jacob from Twilight, who was half their age, 17 i believe.

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  15. It is not really surprising that she wants to pose in playboy. Just because she is baring all in Playboy doesn't make her a bad person. It isn't a bad magazine it's not suppose to be about nudity. I beleive that it's about the beauty of the person. We were brought into this world naked. So what's the problem certain people that saying they are being slutty. Some of the people complaing probably either have a secret stash of mags or have got some kind of slutty racey pictures. People just need quit being hipacrits.

    • Playboy sells sex. It doesn't sell art or the beauty of the person, if you want artistic nudes you buy a book of a respected photographer. If playboy is about the beauty of the person and how the my have come naked to this world you'll see a lot of naked men there too. And she's doing this because of the media and the money. Business.

  16. You know what pisses me off?! That people treat younger kids what to do right from wrong but when they hit the age 18, they do illegal stuff or do drugs and crap! I'm watching the Hannah Montana show and seeing the "Memories" of her!

  17. i think miley cyrus is a beautiful person if she wants to share her body let her yes, it may be diffrent from the way other people share theres but miley is diffrent and very talented everyone keeps bringing up hannah montana the show guys miley is now 19 not 12 for some people may be difficult for them to see her like that but its a learning proccess shes a young sexy person with a beautiful body that is all real and natrual people act like she cant pleased with her body she has a very beautiful body let her please people the way she wants even if its by nudity its her life im only 13 and im a miley fan all the way i worship her and ive lived her since i was 9 and im acting way more mature than u are

  18. I don't really like miley, yet I feel really sorry for her kid fans. It was all Hannah Montana and then all of a sudden she decided to break little kids hearts and give bad examples. She pole danced at one of those award show thingys. Probably infront of millions on kids, my 9yr old cousin went and cryed because she thought it wasn't the real miley. So miley, if u ever read this, I really hope you don't break any more little hearts.
    From a fan that is no longer a fan,

    • get your kids a real role model, like maybe you..I find it pathetic that people like you expect others to be an example for your kids. Miley Cyrus is a real person who has thoughts of their own and can do whatever the hell they want and shouldnt be judged by you lol. I mean she is an adult now and maybe wants to act like one instead of a 12 year old child.

    • She can't stay Hannah Montana until she is 50 years old! She had to grow up sometime! And last time I checked that was NOT pole dancing. I didn't see her spinning around on it with her legs all spread open.

  19. Most of the playboy women look like cgi puppets to me, I'm sure they are stunning in real life but when someones being airbrushed a thousand times it makes them seem unreachable.

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  21. She can do what she wants. Being in hanna montana was a JOB…she got PAYED to do it. Now she is switching jobs…your kids' reaction to it is none of her concern. If she wants to appear naked, thats her choice. Respect it.

    • Do you have a daughter? You would be just so happy to have men looking at her naked and fantasize about having sex with her? And not just fantasizing but acting on that fantasy if you know what i mean. Guess what else are jobs that people are paid for? Dealing drugs. Prostitution. I don't judge her at all. Her decision reflects a poor self image – at least in what matters and that isn't how hot she looks. I have learned that first hand. I was a Barbie doll at her age and now I'm older and realizing I can't rely on my looks forever. Beauty fades with time. I don't have a problem admitting that in my younger years I was pretty slutty myself. I was rebellious. I grew up though and now see how sad I was inside. I feel for her honestly and hope she learns that she has more to offer the world. And I hope that you perhaps go back to school and develop more than 1% of your brain 🙂

  22. well dayumm.! she grown,! yall cant tell her how to live her life.! yeah she was idolized by kidsbut she cant stay young forever.! stfu and lett the kidd enjoy her LIFE HER WAY..~

    • And you obviously seem highly educated and one who's opinion should be very well respected. I just counted at least 20 grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. Go get sterilized.

  23. Wow… the good girl has started down the road of shame which was paved by millions of pretty junkies before her. Lohan, Spears, all through the "Magic of Disney." I got money that she's in rehab at least twice by 2016. No, shhe doesn't HAVE to follow society's norms, but she will if she wants to be successful. Look at the legends for guidance: Nichole Kidman, Jennifer Aniston, Kate Beckinsale… They're silver screen legends and not a one of them posed for a whore mag.

    • Lol, Kate Beckinsale did a nude movie when she first started! Check out Haunted. Lol, FAIL!

    • I would not call a single one of those actresses "silver screen legends"! Have any of them even one Academy Awards? Also there is a difference between doing nude scenes and doing sex scenes on film. It can be tasteful or it can be trashy. Kate Winslet has appeared nude in most of her films but not in a "come and get it" kind of way. It's class verses trash 🙂 What "great" critically acclaimed movies have Nicole Kidman or Jennifer Aniston ever been in? Aniston was in "The Good Girl" and she did an excellent performance but as a whole, she usually portrays the same type of character that doesn't ever seem like much of a challenge.
      And if Miley does end up in rehab that's something to be sad for her about. No one becomes a drug addict because they like themselves. It is the opposite. The don't really care if they get high or if they die. How many have you known personally? I have known more than a handful and all of them have had sad and tragic pasts.

  24. The nude – especially female – body (I am a heterosexual woman btw and an artist) is beautiful but there is a difference between nudity in art and nudity with the intent for men (or women also) to get off on. Yes Miley is an adult and has the right to pose nude in a trashy way if she chooses to. However, in doing so, she is also choosing to tell the world "I'm a sex object". It shows a lack of self respect and self esteem. She might be proud of her body and her looks but not who she is. She has been pimped out by her dad for years. He used her to become famous again. Just look at what he is quoted as to have said! What an ego! Possibly a complete narcissist too! A child's main role models are their parents. They learn first by their examples. I don't judge Miley and I would never say she's slutty, but Playboy and other publications like it objectify women and even men who would pose nude for them. As far as her "kid fans"… most of them are either now her age or only a few years younger. They are at an age where they can form their own opinions of her. They either love her or they don't now. I have an eleven year old daughter who has been very critical of her but when she was 8 and 9 she adored Miley. I told her just this morning that she has been through a lot and during her most crucial developmental years. She has been judged from the very beginning but I feel it is her parents and especially her father who are responsible. I don't know of many fathers who would want men fantasizing about their daughter. I know if my dad was "ok" with that it wouldn't make me feel very good about myself. She has been criticized since she was only 12 or 13. She was accused of being a slut back then. Sometimes people become what they have drilled into their heads. Critics need to cut her some slack. And guys, what if she was your daughter? How would you feel about all of this in that case? Oh, and Hugh Heffner, not every woman wants to pose for Playboy. I'm an attractive woman which you can believe or not, and I'm proud of my own body, but would never want to be seen as a sex object. How the hell did he come up with that ridiculous idea? lol

  25. Hi KC, I am 57 guessing you are near 40 or so. Nice thinking and conveying of your feelings on morality. I am old school common sense about all this. But! The world is changing. The fearful power of the male dominated churches and religions are falling apart very fast. Hundreds of priests molesting peoples' children are now paying for their stupidity. The behavior in the White House and other governing bodies in the United States is atrocious. You see KC, this change in the world is about hypocrisy. Backstabbing. Deals behind closed doors. Secrecy in high and low places. People want openness, but some people can't handle it. This morning on ABC, they showed part of an interview with Miley and she said that sex really is beautiful. So, contrast that with my sick perceptions of all sexual behavior in the 60s. God was going to kill me for learning about "me." My ex-wife was taught that sex was "only" for making babies. She was not to even think about enjoying sex because God is watching everything she does. God has the ability to see through buildings and HE is awake 24/7 looking at our sinful acts so HE can send us to HEll. Male domination. Our whole male dominated society is failing and falling apart. Women have a message of care. Keeping the family safe and healthy. Men want to destroy what they have created. I am finding it challenging to watch people act openly affectionate toward their same sex mates. But, I need to understand that these people must be allowed to travel their journey. Sad about Whitney Houston and Donna Summer and all the rest. They got depressed because they were no longer on the top of the charts and then they react negatively in a self-destruct mode. Michael Jackson- no different. Drugs and alcohol will ALWAYS distort reality and so life goes on. Keep on KC. Continue to love your daughter and pursue Art. You are important to this world!

    • I am 27, so if you do the math you will see that I had my daughter at a young age and was not married. I was not even out of high school. I did manage to finish and with a diploma, not a GED. You are right that the world is changing but it is not changing for the better and we don't have to simply follow along. I was raised in a good home but I had bad things happen to me which began at age 5. I grew up thinking I was just a "bad girl" so I became what I thought I was. Trust me, I followed my own journey! 🙂 In a sense I'm glad I did because it has allowed me to see things with an open mind and from all different perspectives. Those mistakes and bad decisions I made also led me to my career field (art is simply a hobby and a healthy means of expressing my feelings) and it is allowing me to help other people to avoid becoming the train wreck I used to be.
      My thoughts and opinions on this "Miley/Playboy" issue are really more in her defense and not accusing her of anything. She is exploring life and quite honestly just trying to find herself. Her identity has been created by her parents, who are now putting their youngest in the same position they did Miley, and the public/media. I hope she is able to figure all of this out and does not end up the way Michael Jackson (who really is not so different from Miley Cyrus. Both were "pimped" out by their fathers and ridiculed and judged by the media), Whitney Houston and countless others have. She was thrown into the spotlight as a young teenager and those years are difficult enough but imagine having to go through them while living under the microscope and then hearing nothing but negative things about yourself by the press. I think she should follow her own path but in the hopes that the path leads her to the right place. If this kind of decision helps get her there then I shouldn't judge. I suppose I shouldn't even judge the men making the crass comments about her because I don't know them and not only that, men are told from the time they're young boys to get as much sex and as many different girls as they can while we, women, are told that "our virginity is sacred" and wait as long as we can and make damn sure we give it to the right boy. Double standard. There are far too many women commenting on what a "slut" she is and I wonder how many of them waited to have sex until their wedding night. Do men not see her as a slut though as well? I hate to generalize but men will have sex with a "slutty" girl but will they commit to one? No, not usually because they only want to play with her. To those of you men who are saying Miley is a beautiful girl and there is nothing wrong with her posing nude, from an artistic view you are correct. Most don't look at her that way though. She's just a piece of ass. I am self-admittedly a former slut myself (but still never would have posed for Playboy) and I can assure you that it does nothing for the self esteem. I was confident in my appearance and usually got any guy I wanted but inside I felt like, well, what I thought I was. A "filthy, slutty, rotten whore" with nothing else to offer. Once I began studying the human mind and behaviors I figured out that if I wanted to be thought of as better than that I needed to BE better than that. I am still not married but am in a committed relationship, I have a beautiful daughter who I do not shelter. She is starting to get to the age of wanting to find who she really is and I encourage that but only to a point. My parents were too strict. Some are too lenient. I'm shooting for somewhere in between 🙂 I just wish people – men and women – would look at other's lives as they look at their own. It's not really that difficult to put yourself in someone else's shoes for only a few seconds is it? In "To Kill A Mockingbird", Atticus says to Scout that you never really know a person until you get in their skin and walk around a little. It's absolutely true.
      I appreciate your comment, your mind and respect your opinions wholeheartedly 🙂 I can respect any opinion as long as it is well thought out and properly expressed. Unfortunately I have not seen many of them here. Any one of you are welcome to make an appointment with me 🙂

    • Really? Then you should be in jail and registered as a sex offender because she became famous around the age of 13 I believe? So then you had sex with her before that? How old was she at the time you "banged" her?

    • Yes, Steve Austin, you make perfect sense with those random letters. Thanks so much for your feedback!

  26. Hi there 🙂 Read my comments before being so nasty and critical of someone you know nothing about. She is getting more haters by the minute but all of you are wrong. You do not know her personally or what her life has been for the past several years. You have no right to judge her or call her stupid, crazy, or anything else.
    I would like to point out two more things. One: You began your comment by saying "One word…" but your comment was a little more than only one word. Two: It appears as though you are still obsessed but in a different way. Otherwise, you wouldn't feel so strongly about this. But I'm not judging, just pointing out the obvious… take care!

  27. When you people have a Psychology degree or any kind of education at all then I will respect your opinions. First, Ralph, honey, it is spelled "rode" not "road". "Road" is a noun (person, place or thing) while "rode" is a verb (an action) and you used the word as a verb, meaning that you spelled it incorrectly. Also, "tailcoats"??? It is "coat tails" and it was the opposite case with her and her "hillbilly" father. His five minutes of fame for his one hit wonder were up and he was no longer in the spotlight so he used his daughter to become famous again.
    With Google right at your fingertips, it is amazing to me how ignorant our world has become. Not a single one of you is perfect (that is obvious) so stop talking trash about a girl who you don't even know.

  28. I agree with you but you need to calm down! I'm a woman, I do not believe she is a slut but I don't think posing for Playboy screams "healthy self esteem"… There is tasteful nudity and there is not. Just because a girl does not want to be something guys use to get off to by seeing naked doesn't mean they're jealous, fat, or ugly. I wouldn't pose for Playboy and I am none of those things. You either believe that or not. I really don't care 🙂 I happen to like Miley Cyrus and it's because I know she's just going through things similar to myself but she is going through them in the public eye. That sucks.

  29. I understand kids look up to her. She is a role module but she going to live her live as she please. No matter what she is getting older so she will be doing things no child can do what do you expect. She can't stay a role module for kids forever eventually she is gonna grow up. Its not like she is the first role module for kids to do such horrible things and she won't be the last.

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  31. Hey K.C.! Judjing from your excellent grammer you must be an extremely intelligent person. From that intelligence your physical beauty is easily conveyed to the reader. Especially when you tell us so. I mean gosh, how pretty are you? Anyway, having those qualities sure must have made life tough.I'm sure few people would understand how hard it is knowing how much smarter and prettier you are than most others. And having everybody else know it too. All those people asking what the answer to #3 on the test is. All those guys (and girls?) willing to do your bidding just because you look so good? Yikes. Too mush unwanted attention. And poor, poor, Miley. She probably does'nt realize it yet. But she's just harming herself by putting herself out there, basically marketing a product, not a person. And all those millions upon millions these photos will generate will never fill the holes in her heart and soul. I'ts been said that money is the root of all evil. I think (but would'nt personally know) that only when you have more money than god can you really apreciate how much better life was when you had next to nothing. I think maybe that is why the unbeliveably rich keep a iron grip on every last red cent. To keep the rest of us from knowing how truly horrible life can be. Angels without wings they are. Mabye that was Billy Ray's plan all along. Too sacrifice his only begotten daugter and himself to a life of luxury and reknown. Did'nt Jesus have a mullet and an achey breaky heart for all of mankind (and womenkind in case your one of those people). Search your memory and you'll know it too be true. So maybe Mileys daddy is'nt so bad after all. I mean, he told Miley that she had talent, that she was an artist. You've gotta be a pretty good dude to be able to keep a strait face after telling the worlds greatest joke. Speaking of artisticly inclined indivduals, how 'bout you? What is your particular field? Where can I view your works? I myself am not much of an artist. I am more of a fartest. My last piece was titled "faaarrt", and I've been told by those in its presence that it brings back olfactory memories of childhood paper mills. But enough about me. We were talking about how pretty you are. Obviosly we can only imagine without a visual, but with your artistic prowess you have stained an image, so perfect in our minds, no picture could live up to. Please continue with yuor opinions on this and every other subject, because living without hearing every thought that enters your perfectly symmetrical head is no life for me. Chikenbutt.

  32. I wonder how the kids will react when they see Hanna Montana in Playboy.. She is already of legal age and she had her parent’s approval before posing nude, so I think no one should judge her unfairly. She is an attractive lady and I think the issue will be a big hit…especially for younger men.

  33. Hey, I am extremely amazed with your writing skills as well as with the layout on your blog. Anyway keep up the nice quality writing, it’s rare to see a nice blog site like this one nowadays.

  34. Who cares?? Like I have read before its her life and not yours… your children would have to find a new role model anyways.. "because I do believe Hannah Montana ended awhile ago" so your points on how she's gonna be a bad role model would be? She's not the only actress to do this as they became adults. Grow up and get a life outside of blogging.

  35. Um, the reason why its wrong is because THERES MILLIONS OF 13 YEAR OLD GIRLS LOOKING UP TO HER. wonder what kind of pics theyre putting on their facebook???

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