MICHIGAN – A rare breed of Angel Fish, was discovered in Lake Superior

Last weekend, fisherman out on Lake Superior were shocked to discover a large school of fish near the Canadian border.    A few of the fisherman put on scuba gear to have a closer look and were shocked at what they saw.

“I’ve never seen such beautiful fish.  They were mesmerizing.  Each of them were about ten inches long and about four inches wide.  They didn’t seem to swim as much as they glided through the water.”

If you notice, the face of the Angel Fish looks like Taylor Swift.  This is something that was captured by one of the Michigan fishermen, and was only a temporary sighting.  The angel fish seemed to “glow” in the image of Swift and Katy Perry and Reese Witherspoon.  “It was the damnedest thing.  One second it’s a fish head and the next moment there’s Reese Witherspoon looking right at me,” said Charlie Blanca of Flint.

“It’s not an uncommon occurrence,” said marine biologist Barton Combs.  “It’s a little know fact, but fish heads can morph naturally.  There must have been an old magazine floating in the water with Taylor Swift’s picture on it.   The fish came in contact with the magazine and took on the image.  Temporarily, of course.”

Since the sighting last weekend, there have been hundreds of sightings of the Angel Fish.  People are coming to Lake Superior from as far as away as Guam and Cambodia to see these “miracle fish.”   Many people feel that if they swim in the water – the cold water of Lake Superior – and float with the Angel Fish for a short time, they can be healed.  “It’s like seeing the Virgin Mary in a taco shell, but better,” said Angelina Moreno of Rosarito, Mexico.

Is it possible that these Angel Fish can heal the sick?

“The simple answer is: yes,” said Combs.  “These fish seem to release healing enzymes into the water and if a human absorbs these enzymes through their skin, they can have a powerful effect on their immune system.”

So go to Lake Superior… and swim with the Angel Fish!

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  1. I am going to Lake Superior to swim with the Angel Fish!!
    I wonder if the Lake Erie monster has been able to live so long becuase some of the angel fish made it over to Lake Erie


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