INDIA – The 2010 Commonwealth Games are using an interesting security tactic!
The New Delhi Commonwealth Games are set to kick off this coming weekend. As is the case with any big-time sporting event, security is a top priority. Security officials are leaving no stone unturned and are using their creativity. Langurs will be deployed at several venues in New Delhi to keep similar simians from causing any trouble.
Langurs are a common type of monkey in south Asia, and because they are large and fierce they are often used in India to keep other monkeys in check in public places. There is no word yet if the monkeys will get stun guns or metal batons.
The New Delhi Municipal Council said it will put 10 Langurs on duty outside several venues starting Wednesday, but that number will increase in the days leading up to Sunday’s opening ceremony.
“The additional langurs will take care of the games venues and other important areas,” the council told the Press Trust of India news agency.
The 19th edition of the Commonwealth Games, only the second to be held in Asia after Kuala Lumpur in 1998, has its share of other animal-related issues, aside from monkeys. In addition to monkeys, stray dogs run rampant on the street, a 4-foot cobra was found at the tennis venue and another snake was caught in a room at the athletes’ village.
Security remains a high priority in New Delhi with thousands of heavily armed police and military personnel scattered throughout the city. In a continued focus on security at the event, the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade said Wednesday it continues to receive reports of possible terrorist threats in India and issued an updated warning to travelers heading to the games.
“There is a high risk of terrorist attack in New Delhi,” the department said on its website. “Since 2000, there have been at least 14 major terrorist attacks in New Delhi on locations such as markets, train stations and other public places. These attacks have caused hundreds of deaths and injuries.”

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