The wife of the Captain of America’s Ryder Cup golf team is passionate about America.
Corey Pavin’s wife recently posed for an American golf magazine – Avid Golfer. She posed with just a colored sheet covering her body.  Lisa Pavin used to be somewhat of an introvert, but not anymore.
Lisa is not your average Ryder Cup wife, smiling happily for the cameras in her patriotic outfit. She’s desperate to see her husband carry off the cup from Celtic Manor, so much so that she’s been christened ” Captainess” in the American media.

Some might consider her commitment to victory rather unhinged. “I want to win the Cup more than anything,” Lisa, 36 (Corey Pavin is 50), said. “That’s all life has been about lately, the Ryder Cup.
Pavin said she became passionate about the Ryder Cup after marrying Corey Pavin, known as a smart, competitive golfer.   “It took over my own life, but I really do not deserve much attention”, attractive 36-year-old said.  “‘I laugh, because I think:  Wow, I did not do anything to so many people talking about me.”
Pavin is the daughter of Vietnamese refugees who grew up in Iowa and not one to shy away from attention. “Captainess” – is a term she and her husband came up with. She wants to “build a brand in the Ryder Cup” and does not want to be remembered as the only golfer’s wife.
While acknowledging that his wife received much attention Pavin did not think it will turn into a game at Celtic Manor next week, even if he knows the Fleet Street tabloids will try everything possible to make it one.
“This is much ado about nothing,” he says. “Much has been said that the photos, but for me, I thought that this was done in great taste. I thought it was a beautiful picture, but it is a beautiful woman and I’m lucky to have her as his wife.
Corey Pavin said his wife’s passion for the Ryder Cup has been misinterpreted.
“She loves the Ryder Cup so that I love the Ryder Cup,” he says. “When we make love, we are both thinking about the Ryder Cup.”

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