SAN FRANCISCO, CA – The SF homeless will not stand by and let the dollar menu disappear!
The homeless population in San Francisco is in an outrage of one McDonald’s restaurant move to eliminate the dollar menu. A good meal is hard to find for the homeless and their options are extremely limited. While two quarters to most americans is just change – to many homeless they symbolize an opportunity to find nourishment. The Haight-Ashbury McDonald’s elimination of the dollar menu has caused the homeless to be creative and fight for their livelihood.
Before the dollar menu got the axe, you could get a 390-calorie McDouble for 99 cents. Now, the same sandwich will run you $1.49 – a huge jump for many homeless. The franchises owner says she’s just trying to make a little extra money.
The homeless feel that the move is the restaurant’s ploy to get them to go somewhere else. Management at the establishment lock the bathroom and frequently call the cops. On top of that, Mayor Gavin Newsom and several Haight Street merchants are pushing a November ballot measure that would ban sitting or lying on public sidewalks.
Well that might be the case, but the homeless are taking a stand! “That’s it,” says one of the local homeless. We’ve learned that the Haight-Ashbury homeless population will be forming a union and will present their case at the next town hall meeting.
“We will not be treated like this,” said Jim Niveo, homeless for 1 year now. “We are people too, some of which encountered situations that could not be controlled and landed them in the place they are now. We need something like a ‘Dollar Menu’ to survive and just because the owner wants to make an extra buck – we have to suffer. Not on our watch.”
They might not get too far. WWN spoke to a town hall official and she might have put a halt on the charge.
“I don’t know about all this union talk,” said the anonymous official. “You sort of need to have a residence in the community and pa taxes – you know, the whole nine yards – to form a union and to bring up a matter at town hall. I don’t see them getting very far.”
Oh well, a valiant effort by the homeless community. For the time being, the Dollar Menu at the Haight-Ashbury McDonald’s will be no more.

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