ST. LOUIS – The economy is terrible. Brides are forced to come up with creative ways to realize their dream wedding. Toilet paper is the answer.
The economy is in the toilet and brides across America can’t afford the wedding gown of their dreams. But American women are inventive, creative and will always get what they want, one way or another.
Several Toilet Paper wedding gown designers have cropped up across the country.  For a price tag of $75.00 a bride can buy a lovely dress that will work for any wedding in any location – a VFW Hall or the Four Seasons.  Don’t let the economy stop you from having a dream wedding – go for the toilet paper wedding dress!
The best part is that after the wedding is over, the bride and groom can tie the wedding dress to the back of their rent-a-car (as streamers) and drive off on their honeymoon.   OR they can take the wedding dress with them and use it in a “special way” on the honeymoon.
Forget those designer dresses.  Who needs to pay $5,000 for a wedding dress. Forget it.  You can just spend a day in the bathroom with a case of Charmin and make your own dream come true.   It doesn’t matter if you like two-ply or one-ply, just go for the toilet paper!!
Here’s a sample of great toilet paper wedding dresses:

So, are YOU going to buy (or make) a toilet-paper wedding dress?


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