WWN longtime reader and fan, Nick Dwyer, has won a Gizmodo photo contest… with Bat Boy.
Weekly World News gives a Bigfoot “thumb-up” to Nick Dwyer who entered Gizmodo’s photo contest in which they wanted to “provoke Kim Jong II in 77 Hilarious and Offensive Ways.”  Nick calls his photo… Bat-Jong.  Very cool…
Here’s the Gizmodo link!
WWN was thrilled that Nick chose Bat Boy as a means to poke fun at Kim Jong.  Here’s Nick’s winning photo again (full-size):

Bat Boy, will be stopping by Nick’s house to officially thank him and… to rearrange his furniture.  Nick will be also be getting a visit from Manigator and Buster Simcus, who promises to eat all the food in Nick’s house and… as a VERY special prize Bigfoot Hooker has agreed to spend a very special weekend with Nick.  Congrats, Nick.. we at Weekly World News are proud of you.
Nick is in the Air Force and getting out in four months.  He’s an artist looking for freelance work… so give him a call.  Here’s his blog
Nick wasn’t immediately available for comment.  He’s been busy soaking in the glory at the Gizmodo Photo Contest Party in Las Vegas.  Way to go, Nick!
Bat Boy lives!

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