NEW YORK, NY – One hip hop mogul is upset with an NBA superstar!
Jay-Z went from having nothing to building an empire. He’s made friends in high places, has become part owner of a sports franchise (Nets) and is well-respected across the entertainment industry. One of those friendships he’s built has been with NBA superstar LeBron James. The hip hop mogul feels that James’ summer antics may have put a strain on their relationship.
The newly minted Miami Heat star’s selfish and egotistical “decision” this summer has amassed an army of critics and alienated countless others – the whole Cleveland population for starters. New Jersey Nets fans, although long shots for James at the time, held out a glimmer of hope thanks to the superstar’s friendship with Jay-Z. The hip hop superstar is now revealing that apparently that friendship didn’t count for much.
Jay-Z is upset that James kept him out of the loop on his decision to join the Heat. Website Mediatakeout.com quotes an “EXTREMELY CREDIBLY insider” – all caps symbolizing the sources supposed reliability – saying “Jay-Z felt disrespected that King James did not consult with him during the free agency process.”
“Jay never expected LeBron to sign with the Nets. He knew that no 25-year-old kid with James’ profile was going to spend years in Newark,” a source told Gatecrasher. “But he’s pissed, or at least disappointed, that LeBron didn’t consult with him.”
James apparently ignored Jay-Z’s calls during the days leading up to his announcement. James’ silent treatment made Jay-Z look bad with Nets’ management. While LeBron was making his decision, “he didn’t even take Jay-Z’s calls. It made Jay-Z look like he couldn’t deliver to the Nets management,” Mediatakeout’s source said. If Jay-Z could have landed a star player, “he could have been seen as a legitimate asset to the team,” the source added. “Now they see him as just dead weight.”
Nets management should not be relying on the hip hop mogul to assemble their team for them. Jay-Z is a minority owner, as symbolized by his $1 million investment in the Nets. If it’s anyone’s responsibility to put together a solid team it is Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov. He paid $200 million for an 80% stake in the team and that responsibility falls squarely on his shoulders.

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    • sounds like you was trying to use LBJ . what kind of friend you call yourself. a real friend would respect his decision. so you can stay pissed. you don't know nothing about basketball anyway JAY-USER-Z

  1. that must mean you are taking this seriously…negating the multiple interviews by various sports reporters where Jay-z has been quoted saying that he will not be using his friendship w/ LBJ as a recruiting tool & that the "Decision" for LBJ to do what's best for him…

  2. how much bigger does jay z need to be? he didnt and wasnt gonna use lebron for anything. If my bestfriend was making a life time decision and ignored me for days id be pissed too. Be a man lebron , answer his call and tell him ur stupid decision to leave cleveland and join miami. Even if you win now, no one cares.. ur a … SIDEKICK

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  4. Come On Jay. I'm a big fan but stop it! This guy loves to be around other high profile people…look at everyone he is around from his friends to his very own wife. They make him look good. This is the same guy who used to go into Sabastian Telfare's highschool locker room. He could less about Telfare now…why? because he isn't a star player. You're wrong Jay. Too many people love you to be finding out how you really are now. If that's you're man call him and tell him how you feel and then hug and make up.

  5. Jay-Z calling Lebron egotistical? I guess he never listens to his own Rap. I can't think of anyone more self centered and egotistical than Jay-Z. When Jay-Z going to admit that selling drugs is wrong? In Mafia fashion one of his pigeons has offended the Boss now he is out to teach him a lesson.

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    • egotistical? I guess he never listens to his own Rap. I can't think of anyone more self centered and egotistical than Jay-Z. When Jay-Z going to admit that selling drugs is

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