SOUTH BEND, IN – The Notre Dame football team is in some trouble – there might be an unlikely culprit!
A wild night of drinking has gotten some Notre Dame football players in trouble. Among the players arrested, was Nate Montana, son of football great Joe Montana. 44 people were taken into custody after a house party near the University of Notre Dame campus got out of hand. Eight of those arrested were Notre Dame football athletes.
The party was broken up after South Bend police said they were dispatched to the neighborhood at 1:41 a.m. on the report of about a dozen people fighting and throwing punches.
Upon arrival, officers heard glass breaking from the back of the residence and immediately called for more units. South Bend police said pandemonium broke out, with numerous men and women jumping out of windows and off the roof of the residence.
Weekly World News has gotten down to the real reason for the pandemonium and football players’ arrest. It seems as though the Notre Dame Leprechaun was also present at the party, but slipped through the cracks once the police arrived. Perhaps it’s because he isn’t exactly at eye level – but that’s just speculation. Regardless, WWN reached out to a few Notre Dame individuals and they shared their experience of the night.
“The night started off with a bang,” said one female attendee. “Than the Leprechaun showed up and it’s as if everyone turned it up a few notches. The drunkenness of the party escalated quickly and with it tempers started to rise.”
Leprechauns are known for their fondness of alcohol and despite their size, they can drink many people under the table – so to speak.
“Football players are all macho and never turn down a challenge,” said the campus loser. “The Leprechaun went around challenging everybody to chugging contests and what not. With every drink, the Leprechaun only seemed to become happier, while the football players became drunker. It wasn’t pretty.”
Everyone arrested at the party is due in court on July 30. This isn’t the dream start to the Notre Dame season.
“I saw what he was doing,” said one anonymous football player. “He was carrying around this pouch filled with some substance and he kept pouring it into random people’s drink. I noticed the mood of the party change shortly after his arrival. I think he planned this – to have everyone arrested – probably because he envies football players because he’ll never be able to play football.”
WWN tried several times to reach out to the Notre Dame Leprechaun, but was unable to make contact with him.

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