GERMANY – Paul the Octopus has gone from hero to villain!
Germany was ousted from the World Cup yesterday and Germans will have to wait 4 more years for a chance to hoist the trophy. Germans everywhere were expecting big things given their team’s recent play and an appearance in the final seemed almost certain. One “German” wasn’t surprised by the outcome and has now been cast as a villain in Germany.
Paul the octopus, “the Oracle of Oberhausen,” successfully predicted all six of Germany’s World Cup matches. It’s his last prediction that has Germans everywhere clamoring for his head and looking to turn the invertebrate into some calamari.
Leading up to Germany’s match with Spain, Paul the octopus’ popularity had gone through the roof. He was stealing all the headlines in Germany, taking precedence over the coalition government. Not only is the invertebrate a villain, but he has also begun to receive death threats.
Paul “predicts” by choosing a mussel from one of two possible containers, both marked with national flags. On Tuesday he startled Germans by calling a Spanish upset. As is the case with any prideful fan, worries were at a minimum. Spain shocked Germans everywhere and left them looking for answers and someone to blame. Paul seemed like the likely source.
Facebook and Twitter feeds were filled with anger and disdain for helpless octopus.
“Into the deep fryer!” one German tweeted Thursday morning.
“Grill the octopus oracle,” another commented. “Throw Paul in the saucepan.”
The list of comments goes on. Regardless of the controversy, Paul will make his final “prediction” for Saturday’s match between Germany and Uruguay. After that, Paul the octopus will go on living the life he was meant to live – outside of the headlines and inside a peaceful aquarium.

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