NEW YORK, NY – The Rocky Mountain Rambo’s quest for Osama bin Laden has generated quite the buzz!
Don’t let his nickname fool you, because Gary Faulkner is not out for blood. Faulkner, nicknamed the “Rocky Mountain Rambo,” has reassured everyone that his quest for Osama bin Laden is simply to capture him and not to kill him.
“I want to catch him,” the Colorado construction worker told Erica Hill on CBS’ “The Early Show.” “I want him alive and bring him to justice.”
Faulkner stressed he was not interested in killing the Al Qaeda terror leader, and was not intimidated by the deadly mission he undertook earlier this month.
“I don’t do a job and plan to get caught,” he said confidently.
The ex-con was arrested on June 13 while attempting to cross into Afghanistan. He immediately told authorities that he was on a mission to capture Bin Laden, and was armed with a sword, a pistol and a Bible.
Faulkner was later released without charge, and sent back to the United States. He has vowed, however, that he will try again.
“No excuses,” he said on “The Early Show.” “Chicken isn’t nothing but a bird, and God hates a coward.”
In some recent revelations, Faulkner has revealed that his mission hasn’t exactly been a solo one. “Rambo” admitted today that he has been receiving help from people inside the Pakistani government and military.
Without elaborating, Faulkner said, “Because of the nature of what’s still yet to come, I can’t divulge too much as far as that because there’s a lot of people’s lives if it would come out who actually gave help.”

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