OXFORD ENGLAND — You may have uncanny psychic abilities — and not even be aware of it, say researchers.

The most extensive study ever conducted fo extrasensory perception shows that roughly eight percent of the population has measurable ESP.

“These are so-called ordinary people, living ordinary lives” explains British psychologist Dr. John Spander, lead author of the new study.

“They often attribute their talents to ‘intuition’ or a ‘sixth’ sense.’ What they don’t realize in many cases is that they have low-level psychic abilities.”

Are you a closet psychic. Here, from the experts, are 10 telltale signs:

1. You can predict everything that’s going to happen next in a movie, TV show or TikTok video you have never seen before.

2. You’ll think about a person you haven’t spoken to in ages and by “conscience,” they’ll phone or text within minutes — or even seconds.

3. You have a knack for finding things: car keys, TV remotes, cellphones, shoes, cats etc. family members have misplaced.

4. When playing games of chance, you are always, always, winning. You are also amazingly good at picking at least 4 of the 6 winning lottery numbers. Once a month, you can pick 6 out of 6.

5. Somehow, you are often able to sense when people are lying. Everyone knows that you know.

6. You easily establish a rapport with pets and toddlers too young to talk, You can sense when. your child is hungry, or when your pet is standing outside the door, waiting to come in. You know when your husband is in the shower.

7. Your “hunches” about people generally turn out to be right of the money. “Some people have a sixth sense that reveals to them the true nature of those they meet,” says Dr. Spander.

8. When you hold an object in your hands, such as an old photo or souvenir, memories flood your head.

9. You are able to avoid life-threatening situations. You instinctually cancel a trip on a planet that crashes or choose not to travel to a place where a major disaster occurs a short time later.

10. You have dreams about people close to you being in trouble, and when you wake up, it turns out they really do need your help.

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