If your cat’s baffling behavior sometimes seems out of this world, there could be a good reason — your spaceD-out kitty may hail from Mars!

Scientists say that 1 in 10 American house cats appear to be from Mars. A number of Martian cats were recently photographed on the Red Planet by the Hubble telescope.

“DNA tests have detected genetic material inconsistent with any other known Earth species in 10 percent of domesticated North American cats,” reveals California zoologist Dr. Stephanie Zeperwitz.

“This supports the theory that in ancient times, astronauts from mars visited Earth and brought along their pets —‚ cat-like creatures that interbred with similar animals on our planet.”

Two months ago, the Mars rover took some dramatic images. There were a number of hairless cats scampering across the base of an impact crater. NASA received these images and analyzed them carefully.

Secretive NASA officials refuse to discuss the classified photos, which were leaked by an agency insider. But excited scientists have followed up the discovery. Dr. Zeperwitz and her team examined 300 cats from across the U.S. They discovered that the DNA from these cats is not of this Earth.

“One theory is that the cats were dropped off on Earth by Martian visitors. “They are guardians of mankind,” the scientist says.

Dr. Zeperwitz found that house cats with the extraterrestrial geneses share a number of telltale traits.

Here are 10 signs that your cat is part martian:

  1. SUPERIOR INTELLIGENCE Cats of martian origin score 15 to 20 points higher on I! tests than ordinary cats

2. PSYCHIC ABILITY — Martian cats respond to mental commands. “If you summon a Maritan cat with your thoughts alone, it will come running from the next room,” Dr. Zeperwitz reveals.

3. TWELVE LIVES — Instead of nine. If your kitty has survived more than 10 brushes with death and is still kicking, it likely has roots on the Red Planet.

4. DENSER HAIR BALLS — Martian cats cough up hair balls that tend to be more densely packed.

5. HAUGHTY — Originating in a super-advanced civilization, Martian cats are unusually standoffish.

6. POOR JUMPER — Evolving on a planet with lower gravity than Earth. Martian cats have less muscle mass and can’t bound as high as a terrestrial feline.

7. UNUSUALLY OBSERVANT — Red Planet cats always seem to be watching you and may even follow you from room to room. “This provides support for the ‘guardian’ theory,” Dr. Zeperwitz observes.

8. FINICKY ABOUT EARTH FOODS — Ordinary canned food rarely satisfies these uncanny creatures.

9. NO FEAR OF DOGS —‚ Perhaps because they evolved on a world without canines, Martian cats lack an instinctive terror of dogs.

10. SOMETIMES “HEARS” THINGS — Experts theorize that cats who react to things we can’t hear may be picking up thought waves from the old masters in outer space.

if our cat has five or more of these traits, odds are it has kin on the Red Planet.

“To be sure, you can ask your veterinarian to arrange a blood test,” Dr. Zeperwitz suggests.

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  1. Ofcourse it can happened because I saw cat which has red eye and some special powers that are obviously different from our earth cats. they can be from other planets or allien despite of the abnormalities I can trust on this fiction story 😊😊😊


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