Hibernating Man goes to bed in November wakes up in April

SPOKANE, Wash. – Dwayne Flowter is sick of cold weather and freezing his butt off in the snow, so he takes a holiday every winter — by hibernating!

Incredibly, the 59-year-old bachelor can keep himself in a deep sleep for weeks and months at a time and swears he’s losing weight and saving a fortune while he’s at it.

“I roll over every now and then to take a drink of water, but most of the time I just sleep,” says Flowter, whose amazing technique is the subject of a research study by a local university professor. “When fall comes it’s night-night for me. I don’t want to be around to shovel snow and slip on the ice.

“I sleep right through the ugliest time of the year and wake up in April when it’s warm and beautiful. By then I’ve lost a little weight, I’m relaxed and rested, and I’m full of energy.”

Flowter says he developed the ability to hibernate in the 1990s after a particularly bad winter left him depressed and overweight. The self-employed agricultural consultant says he was stuck indoors for weeks at a time because of inclement weather, and he put on more than 50 pounds.

“It was dark all day long,” he recalled.

“I couldn’t’ go anywhere because the weather was so lousy. I wound up depressed and suicidal.”


Flowter noticed that the only time he felt good was when he was asleep so he began trying to see how many hours he could sleep each day.

Before long, he was up to 16 hours of shut-eye.

“But I was still getting up to eat and go to the bathrroom,” Flowter said.

“I knew that I had to figure out a way to get around that problem. That’s when I thought of self-hypnosis.”

Flowter checked a book out of the library on the subject and learned to put himself into a deep trance in which his body processes slowed down dramatically.

Sure enough, his physical needs practically disapppeared.

Now while he hibernates, Flowter needs only a sip of water every week or so. His metabolism is so sluggish that he has no need for food and his digestive process move at an extremely slow pace, making bathroom visits unnecessary.

“My friends and relatives were worried sick the first year I hibernated, but I’ve been doing it for so long now they just accept it,” Flowter said. “They celebrate an early Thanksgiving and Christmas with me just before I go to sleep and they check on me through the winter. Then we have a wake-up party when I bring myself out of my trance in April.

“I figure I’m going to live longer because there’s less wear and tear on my body with a four-month vacation every winter. And with what I save on food and entertainment, I can afford to live better when I’m awake. I think everybody who can afford the time should consider hibernating. It makes a lot of sense.

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