NEW YORK, NY – One baseball coach’s partying cost him a prized possession!
Attaining a World Series ring in some capacity is the dream of anyone in professional baseball and Patrcik Daneker has one – well had one. It’s bad enough that Daneker got his ring stolen. It’s even worse that he had his ring stolen by a pair of hookers.
Daneker is the pitching coach for the Staten Island Yankees, also known as the baby bombers. He reported his $10,000 Yankees World Series ring stolen after a drunken night of partying with two hookers in a Florida hotel.
Daneker, 34, said he and another coach, Carlos Chantrez were drinking with the women at the Blue Martini Bar in Tampa on May 30, according to a Florida TV station. Cops said that the women, who Chantrez knew, were dressed in “short mini-skirts” and went back to Daneker’s room at the Holiday Inn Express, reported WTSP Channel 10.
Daneker, who has been the Staten Island Yankees’ pitching coach since 2008, told police he “messed around” with the women. Cops said that the coach had a “lapse in memory” and couldn’t remember what happened. He acknowledged to authorities that he was “extremely intoxicated” and that he “messed around” with the two women.
Chantrez, the other coach, told The NY Post: “I have no idea who those women were at all. I don’t know how I got brought into this.”
It should be noted that Daneker has another ring – a wedding ring. The pitching coach is married to Bree Maddocks.
Daneker joined the Yankees organization in 2008 and received his World Series ring for the Yankees’ 2009 World Series win as part of the organization. HIs MLB career was a mere blip on the radar. He appeared in just three games for a total of 15 innings with the Chicago White Sox in 1999.

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