Oh give me a home where the buffalo roam… and eat breakfast? And watch TV? And cuddle up in front of the fireplace? No problem.

When Bailey D. Buffalo was just a calf, he was abandoned by his mother and adopted b y Jim and Linda Sautner. They bottle-fed him at their buffalo ranch in Spruce Grove, Canada, and became part of the family.

Now, four years and 1,600 pounds later, the brown, wooly beast still hangs around the house – and is even welcome at the table for dinner!

During the Covid-19 lockdown, Bailey stayed indoors with the family. When he did go outside, he stayed at least 20 feet away from any other buffalo. “Bailey is very kind-hearted. He’s concerned about others getting sick and he certainly doesn’t want to get us sick either,” said Linda Sautner.

But when the lockdown ended and Bailey was allowed to roam again, he did not want to go. “He was just happy staying indoors with us,” said Jim. “Bailey’s temperament is pretty mellow for a buffalo, but I have a trick to calm him down if he ever gets a little agitated: If he gets upset, or gets me upset… I just whisper in his ear… ‘buffalo burgers.'”

To the Sautners, Bailey’s just a big pet with a big heart. He loves to watch TV. HIs favorite show? Naked and Afraid.

Jim says that he thinks Bailey may be concerned about a second-wave of Covid-19. “I get a sense that after this all passes, Bailey might roam again. But that’s just a guess.”

Until then, it’s “home on the range” – indoors!

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