NEW YORK, NY – The winner of Miss USA 2010 has some impressive skills – some of which she wanted to keep secret!
Rima Fakih’ trophy case was not empty prior to winning Miss USA 2010. Her previous title, however, may be landing the new champion in some hot water.
Detroit morning radio show Mojo in the Morning posted images of Fakih competing in its 2007 “Stripper 101” contest. In the contest, strippers showed female listeners their best moves and the “best student” was the grand-prize winner. Women were fully clothed according to the station.
The station claims that the pictures have been circulating on their website for years. They show Fakih dancing fully clothed and with dollar bills stuffed in her bra.
“Mojo in the Morning fully supports Rima Fakih as she represents Detroit and America in the Miss Universe contest,” a Mojo staffer emailed Celebrity Circuit. “the radio show will not entertain requests to drag her name through the mud.”
The radio show has admitted that it was contacted by Miss USA officials “requesting more photographs and information” regarding Fakih’s involvement. When the show’s producers asked pageant officials if the images would affect Fakih’s title, they wouldn’t answer.
TMZ.com reports that Fakih earned prizes including “jewelry, gift cards, adult toys and a stripper pole for home use” for winning the contest.
Check out the pictures.

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