NEW YORK, NY – The American Heart Association is putting its logo on an unlikely product!
Video games have long been linked to obesity and is seen by many as distractions and a source of laziness. The American Heart Association has a different view on video games – the Wii to be specific.
Nintendo and the AHA have teamed up for a new health and sports initiative launching this summer. The AHA logo will now begin to appear on Wii consoles. Wii Sports Resort and Wii Fit Plus will also be receiving the stamp of approval.
According to the AHA, almost 70% of Americans don’t get the recommended level of physical exercise each week. With the “active play” initiative, the AHA is recommending at least 60 to 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week, depending on age.
There are skeptics, however. A recent study in pediatrics shows that even the most active gaming doesn’t compare to real life. Real boxing burns 200% more energy than Wii boxing.
“Sooner rather than later, the public is going to understand that this is a commercial transaction,” said a leading doctor on the matter.
Don’t think for a second that the AHA won’t be getting anything out of this new partnership. The organization will be receiving $1.5 million over three years.

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