CHICAGO, IL – John Edward’s mistress sits down with Oprah and tells her side of the story!
Rielle Hunter chose to go on Oprah Winfrey’s show as her first TV appearance despite advice that it would not be in her best interest. Rielle not only had an affair with the former presidential hopeful, but also had an illegitimate child with Edwards that led to the breakdown of his marriage to his cancer stricken wife.
“Absolutely not,” Hunter told Winfrey when asked if she was a home wrecker. “It’s not my experience that a third party wrecks a home. You can’t steal someone else’s husband. People are not property.”
“I have been unfairly judged,” Hunter added. She felt as though people reacted negatively to her affair because “a lot of people bought into the myth of the marriage as being a storybook story, being so perfect and wonderful, and I destroyed it.”
Hunter also revealed that the two did not use any means of birth control during their affair. As a result, in May 2007 Hunter became pregnant with Frances Quinn. She claimed that at first Edwards was very “gracious” towards the pregnancy. That later turned to anger and he agreed to a plan to have his closest aid Andrew Young pose as the baby’s father.
“I wouldn’t say he was fully supportive,” Hunter said, detailing a time when Edwards called her yelling at her after a tabloid photographer snapped her looking pregnant. “He had a lot of issues with the timing. He was married, he’s running for the presidency.”
“My biggest regret. My biggest mistake,” Hunter said of agreeing to the Young paternity claim.
Among other things, Hunter revealed that she is still in love with Edwards and that “it’s my experience that he loves me.” In addition, although she does not regret the affair, she did say that Young paternity claim, her sex tape and her pictures in her GQ interview were “mistakes.”

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  1. Hunter is wrong, point blank. Her first mistake was to get involved with a married man. Does she feel so insecure about herself as to question whether or not she is able to attract a single man? She's playing the victim, in this case and I have no pity for her.


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