NEW YORK, NY – A special comedic summit was called by the ghosts of presidents past on “Saturday Night Live.” Financial reform was the key point!
The funny web video found on FunnyOrDie.com featured Fred Armisen as President Barack Obama being visited by the ghosts of presidents past throughout the course of the night. The presidents gathered to urge President Obama to push for financial reform.
Will Ferrell played the role of President George W. Bush, Darrell Hammond played Bill Clinton, Dana Carvey reprised his role as President George H.W. Bush, Dan Aykroyd assumes the role of President Jimmy Carter and Chevy Chase took on President Gerald Ford. All of the actors were “Saturday Night Live” alumni. Jim Carrey, the only one not a veteran of SNL, appeared as Ronald Reagan.
The video was directed by Ron Howard and all comedy asie served a political motive. The video was made in association with Americans for Financial Reform, a pro-regulation coalition of labor and consumer activists.
“All it’s manta to do is capture the attention, present a question and stimulate some thought,” Howard said in a phone interview. “It was a blast,” he added. “There was a lot of experimentation, a lot of ad-libbing.”
The sketch is believed to have brought all the major presidential impersonators from “Saturday Night Live” who are still alive together. Phil Hartman, who was the usual go-to-guy for Ronald Reagan, passed away in 1998.
Check out the video below.

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