ROME – The 10 Commandments – regarded as holy by millions of Christians and Jews around the world – were written by Satan, not God!
That is the controversial claim of a leading biblical scholar who argues that the Evil One cooked up the rules, knowing that most humans would be unable to abide by them – and therefore more souls would end up in Hell!
“Lucifer invented these rules as a diabolical scheme to create more sinners,” declared Dr. Antonio Florio, the author of nearly two dozen books on Old Testament interpretation.
Biblical scholars refer to the 10 Commandments as the Decalogue which is Greek for “the ten words,” according to Dr. Florio, who says most experts agree the origin of the rules is obscure.
“Passages in Exodus and Deuteronomy make it clear that a copy of the Commandments was engraved on two stone tablets, and given to Moses on Mount Sinai,” he said. “But nowhere in the Bible does it state who originally wrote the Commandments.”
While the rules were given to Moses sometime between the 13th and 16th century B.C., Dr. Florio has concluded that they were actually composed thousands of years earlier, shortly after the time of creation.
“A passage in the Dead Sea Scrolls translated in 1974 says that God ordered his ‘most favored angel’ to draw up a list of Commandments for mankind,” the expert said. “It is well known that favorite angel was Lucifer’s position before he was cast out of Heaven.”
“I believe Satan deliberately included provisions no one could be expected to follow, such as not coveting the wife of another man. He knew this would later cause God to damn countless souls.”
Incredibly, Dr. Florio even questions whether the mysterious, unseen being that handed the tablets to Moses truly was God. “Clearly Moses believed the Commandments were delivered by the Almighty – but perhaps he was deceived by the Evil One. Certainly, the figure he describes to the ancient Hebrews is rather sinister. In Deuteronomy 6:22, Moses tells his followers that the figure spoke ‘from the midst of fire, the cloud and the thick of darkness, with a loud voice.'”
Dr. Florio’s thesis has outraged many religious conservatives who still cling to the old assumption that the Commandments were composed by God himself. But others insist it doesn’t really matter.
“Even if Lucifer drafted the 10 Commandments with evil intentions, God – as an omniscient being – must have known what Satan was up to,” a Vatican theologian pointed out. “The fact that the Lord allowed the laws to be given to Man is proof He wished us to follow them to the letter.
“It must all have been part of the divine plan.”

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5 thoughts on “NEW 10 COMMANDMENTS THEORY”

  1. The Devil wrote the 10 Commandments? That explains that whole obsession with being worshipped, not having his name taken in vain, setting aside a whole day to do nothing but think about him and not having other "gods" put before him. A true God wouldn't give be so damned insecure and and there would only be 3 Commandments: don't kill, don't steal and don't lie. That about covers it.

    • Really there should be only 1 rule if it was a good god – do unto others as you would have them do unto you – then there'd probably be no problems – because who'd steal if they knew it would be done to them? Who'd kill if they knew it would happen to them? Etc….P.S. the bible was edited by a group in Constantinople in the year 900 where a bunch of real gospels were purposely left out and then the King James version came along with its convenient wording – besides that everyone knows it was all heresay written by human hands – in the end it's all very personal

  2. Nope. I get what the Fabio reckons, but isn’t accurate in my opinion. This is a trim of a snippet of the entirety of the Bible.

    Not putting others gods before God is matter of focus and not giving worshipful attention to falsehood. It’s not insecurity, it’s the untouchable Sovereign over all creation issuing a demand given the presence of fallen demonic, and falsely deified and falsely self-deifying forces existing within creation. To say God should not or cannot expect what He demands, is flawed humanist assumption of the divine and immortal.

    The issue of fire and smoke etc as Yehovah appears isn’t demonic, the Bible refers to Creator God as the All-Consuming Fire, for cause of which no mortal can look directly at the Creator and live as it is written (ergo you can look upon Jesus Christ who is “the image of the invisible God”), because our sinful states of being won’t survive encounter pure, perfect, sinless righteousness.. the Bible accounts Moses on Jabal Al Lawz in two areas, slightly variation of detail:

    1. Moses spends time with God, the commandments are written (to civilised a former slave nation of around 400 years of slavery in Egypt).

    2. Moses is on the mount and an appointed holy angel who carries God’s glory meets with Moses in God’s fiery presence, imparting the commandments.

    Both can be and are equally valid perceptions of the event, given that Moses cannot look directly upon God who was hidden in the smoke, but whose presence and glory was embodied in being that can represent for God before man without killing mortal man with the raw and undiluted presence of God (see also Mount of Transfiguration).

    The nature of the being as an angel I would question, asking about translational issues, because before incarnation into the Son of Man, the Word was still with God and appeared on the earth at pre-incarnate times. Not to say the being was or was not either angel or pre-incarnation manifest presence of Jesus, but it’s worth asking about.

    The law was not meant to save anyone, either. Biblical believe asserts that by grace we’re saved, not by our own “righteous” works. We do righteous works *because* we’ve accepted the sacrifice of Jesus to save us on our behalf, or no one would be saved but headed for Hell for sins. The Bible teaches the old law was a rehearsal for how righteous God’s own would be, but was never meant to save, as it is written “the letter of the law kills”. It’s no mystery than no man is sinful and not able of himself to be perfect.

    The law was the righteousness of God codified for human experience, something to live out. But we can’t save ourselves by being better. The work of Christ Jesus was to live it perfectly and the die for all humanity, ending the curse of death for those who believe on His name for those works on the cross.

    This article takes a man’s snippet, follows with wild assumptions, and completely takes people away from the rest of the content in which the Ten Commandments are found. Very sketchy.

    • EDIT:

      a) Florio, not Fabio.

      b) Biblically, it’s no mystery than no mortal man is sinless and thus not able of himself to be perfect, Jesus Christ is required to make a man clean.

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