LOS ANGELES, CA – The notorious doctor of Michael Jackson will likely be charged with involuntary manslaughter!
Dr. Murray is the physician responsible for allegedly providing Michael Jackson with several doses of powerful painkillers and anesthetics just before his death. Prosecutors have placed no timetable on when or if they plan to indict Murray, but several sources say that an indictment is imminent through a criminal complaint.
A manslaughter conviction in California carries a potential sentence of two to four years in prison. If charged, Murray has stated that he plans to cooperate and turn himself in. Ever since the pop star’s death, Murray has been under month’s long homicide investigation.
Murray became relevant in Michael Jackson’s life as he was hired to accompany the star for a scheduled series of concerts to be held in London last summer. Unfortunately Jackson died just a few weeks before the tour. Murray was the first one to find Jackson dead at his Los Angeles rental home.
Below is a video of Dr. Murray’s thank you video to all of his supporters last summer

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