MEMPHIS, TN – Today marks the 75th anniversary of Elvis Presley’s birth!
Here, with Elvis back in the news, is some great Elvis trivia and a fun quiz to help you find out how much you REALLY know about The King:
– His natural hair color wasn’t black. It was a light blondish brown – but he dyed it to copy signer Roy Orbison, who had black hair.
– The name “Elvis” comes from the Norwegian “Alviss,” which means “all wise.”
– At one time, Elvis paid more taxes than any other person in the United States, according to the IRS. He hit the 91 percent tax bracket!
– He won only three Grammys – two for different recordings of “How Great Thou Art” and one for “He Touched Me.”
– His shoe size was 11-D. But he wore size 12 combat boots when he was in the Army.
– Elvis’ favorite reading material: Books on the spiritual and occult.
– Whenever Elvis went on tour, he took more than 250 books packed in two trunks. When he died on August 17, 1977, he was in his bathroom reading The Shroud of Turin.
– Elvis weighed pounds at birth – and more than 255 pounds when he died.
– The King’s last words were in response to his girlfriend Ginger Alden’s warning not to fall asleep in the bathroom. His reply: “OK, I won’t.”
You ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog if you can’t answer at least half of these fun questions about Elvis Presley!
To test yourself, simply select one response for each question. Then check out the answer key at the end.
1. Where was Elvis born?
A. Memphis, Tenn.; B. Little Rock, Ark.; C. Tupelo, Miss.
2. What did The King throw to his adoring fans at his concerts?
A. personalized ballpoint pens, B. silk scarves, C. teddy bears
3. What kind of car was Elvis’ favorite?
A. Cadillac, B. Aston Martin, C. Lincoln Continental
4. What is the name of Elvis’ first movie?
A. Love Me Tender, B. Clam Bake, C. Love Story
5. Which one of these groups sang back up for The King?
A. The Supremes, B. The Belmonts, C. The Jordanaires
6. What was Elvis’ favorite sandwich?
A. ham and cheese, B. peanut butter and banana, C. smoked pork
7. How old was he when he died?
A. 39, B. 42, C. 47
8. What was the name of Elvis’ private plane?
A. Moonraker, B. Pretty Priscilla, C. The Lisa Marie
9. What was the title of The King’s first gold record?
A. “That’s All Right (Mama)”, B. “Heartbreak Hotel”, C. “Viva Las Vegas”
10. Where was Elvis stationed as a soldier when he met his young wife Priscilla?
A. France, B. Georgia, C. Germany
ANSWERS: 1. C, 2. B, 3. A, 4. A, 5. C, 6. B, 7. B, 8. C, 9. B, 10. C

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  1. He will always be the King and will be loved by generations to come just as he is by the ones that were alive when he was, and like myself, born after he left us. May you rest in peace Elvis

  2. You can stop in and give Elvis a birthday Congrats anytime. He's working the Late night shift at the AM/PM Mini mart in Yuma,AZ. 2 peanut butter and banana chimmichinga's for 2 bucks !!


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