NEW YORK, NY – An exclusive dating website has ditched 5,000 members – for gaining holiday weight!
BeautifulPeople.com is a dating site that prides itself on its exclusivity. It describes it’s as “an exclusively beautiful community, founded for the purpose of creating personal and professional relationships.”
Applicants submit themselves for membership, where over 48 hours, current members vote on whether they find the person “beautiful” or not. If they get enough positive votes, they are granted membership.
It seems unclear if members were aware they could later be dismissed from membership, however 5,000 members from across the globe were given the boot!
It appears that portions of the membership complained after others posted post-holiday photos that showed weight gain.
The website management unapolegetically let them all go.
“As a business, we mourn the loss of any member, but the fact remains that our members demand the high standard of beauty be upheld,” said site founder Robert Hintze.
“Letting fatties roam the site is a direct threat to our business model and the very concept for which BeautifulPeople.com was founded.”
The process involved re-application. “We responded to complaints by moving the newly chubby members back to the rating stage. This is the same as having them re-apply,” said Greg Hodge, managing director.
“Their re-applications were reviewed by existing members and only a few hundred were voted back in. Over 5,000 were rejected.”

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  1. Good job WWN, many news outlets fell for it. The archive org shows that the beautiful people site was held by squatters and then totally empty for two years until 2010. Great job duping the rest of the media.

  2. what is it with women nowadays? when you give them what they want it is not enough….is there some of them who are satisfy by one man???

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