ATLANTA, GA – A couple in Georgia have been arrested for tattooing their six children at home!
Patty Jo Marsh and Jacob Bartels said their children wanted tattoos like they have. So they decided to tattoo 6 of their 7 children, ages 10 to 17, at home!
After receiving a tattoo machine from a friend, they fixed it up and used guitar strings as a needle. After Thanksgiving, they put small cross tattoos on all but the youngest child.
“They weren’t hurt by them,” said Marsh. “We would never do anything to hurt them.”
Regardless of how the children felt, it is illegal for anyone besides a license professional to tattoo in Georgia. Children under the age of 18 are prohibited outright.
Marsh and Bartels were arrested after two of the children went to visit their biological mother for Christmas and she discovered the crosses. The couple were charged with cruelty to children, reckless conduct and tattooing.
Marsh claims she had no idea what they were doing was illegal. “If we knew that, we wouldn’t have done it,” said Marsh.
Child Services temporarily removed the children, but they are now back at home with their parents, who are on bail.
Marsh feels the media has labeled them as child abusers, which she takes great offense to.
“If I’m such a bad parent, then how come they brought the kids back right after I got out jail?”
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56 thoughts on “PARENTS TATTOO KIDS”

  1. Why would you ask if they are on public assistance? Pretty judgmental comment right there. Anyways, the woman said it was a homemade tattoo machine. Hardly cost a thing. To some, tattoos are a thing of beauty; to some a horror to look at. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder as one could say. I'm sure most people don't know every law in every book written as well. Tattoos don't keep one from getting a job, don't keep you out of the military (my daughter is proof of that!) unless done without sense such as your whole face made up like a cat or something. You get the point.
    In some cultures its a way of life to mark your body and yes on children too. Harmless small crosses on your hand in a family where tattoos seem to be normal way of live isn't the end of the world. People pierce baby's ears these days. Is that child abuse? Is that cruelty to children? I don't think so either. The mother seemed genuinely upset about the whole thing and very sincere. This wasn't done in malice. I bet they are wonderful parents and just because someone has a lot of children and tattoos doesn't make them a likely candidate for public assistance Linda. Remember that.

  2. Children aren't capable of making such life long decisions at such a young age. If a parent doesn't have enough common sense to know that, then they have no business raising children.

  3. You have got to be kidding. They are ignorant and stupid. Breeding like rabbits and I would bet a weeks pay they ARE on welfare. Just listed to the mother open her mouth. Trailer park trash. That is why people should be REQUIRED to have a license before breeding.

    • If your child decides they no longer want their ears pierced they only have to remove the ear ring. This is not the case with tattoo's.
      I have tattoos and would not mind if my child decides they want one once they are old enough to make that choice on their own not because I have them.

  4. Not only is it crazy, but the manner in which the boyfriend did it indicates that he learned in prison! That's the only place they use guitar wire and electric current to create tattoos. His criminal record will come out later, no doubt.

  5. Hey, smh…an awful lot of guys that were only 15, 16 and 17 BS'd their way into the army during WW2 (my grandpa was one of them at 16). Why? Because they were proud enough to want to fight for our nation and keep us and others free. I guess they should have been court-martialed after the war for making such stupid decisions 'at such a young age', right?
    Get over yourself and your high horse and holier-than-thou mentality. The kids weren't hurt and it didn't destroy their lives in any way. Just because *you* couldn't make decisions at any of those ages, doesn't mean anyone else can't.

  6. I looked up the law in their state. If the tats were cosmetic!, then it is against the law. However, under our higher laws the freedom of religion dismissed that law. The pic on this site is misleading. A cross on the hand can and should be dealt with as a show of their religion.

  7. thank you. I have not watched much tv as much as i used too, but i did see this and i was unhappy to a point where my words do not fully express how i feel. You have filled in for most of the spots I could not.

  8. this is a typical example of when people from a subculture that only associate with others from the subculture do a practice which may seem justifiable to them but turns out to be illegal. i'm assuming this is biker culture or of the sort. same way, muslims in ghettos in england are secretly having second and third marriages, and having their daughters forced in marriage to older men with very little attention being paid to it by the mainstream society.

  9. Common sense tells you it's wrong. Illegal or not, they're babies for crying out loud! Rediculous. Any moron can be a parent and I'd put a bunch of money on the fact that they surely ARE on public assistance. Lisa – your daughter may be an exception but don't think tatoos haven't caused people from getting jobs. I guarantee you, they have. Employers want people that make smart decisions and art or not, tatoos are not a smart decision made. Get some sketch pads if you're into art.

  10. Lisa actually made some very valid points if you weren't so narrow minded. While I don't agree with what these parents did I don't think there was any malicious intent. To say they should lose their children is ridiculous. These children are in a home where they are wanted and loved. Just because it isn't a home like yours (or mine) doesn't make it unfit, just different. Placed in foster care the children are a further burden on an already overworked system.

  11. You can take out an earring and the whole will close up. A tattoo is permanent. Even if you have is lasered you're going to be scarred. Children do not realize what permanent means. It's up to the "responsible" adult(s) in their life to guide them. When the kids wanted tattoos the parents answer should have been NO. It's a simple two letter word that, sadly, doesn't seem to be used much with kids these days. If I was the biological mother we'd be in court revisiting the custody arrangement. You're right that it wasn't done in malice but it was certainly done in extreme stupidity.

  12. And they should remove all the children who's parents smoke also….look at all the dangers from second hand smoke……Actually, anyone who gets something permanent put on their bodies has got to be a wacka doodle. Come on!!! Do you wear the same cloths forever…..everyone's taste change once in awhile….if not….they must have a pretty boring personality!! I think the parents should be punished, but don't punish the children by taking them out of their home! Who know's what the foster parents are like….we've all read about some pretty awful ones in the past! Lets get real people….not everyone can be perfact like……god?

  13. comment to sick of welfare….watch what you say…..you never know in this day and age when you might become a welfare recipient! Lots of people are losing their jobs these days….and you might be the next one!! Unemployment only lasts for soo long.

  14. I agree. I think there are too many judgemental people out there. Too many people think
    they are better than everybody else. No, I am not a tatoo person. When I first heard this I
    thought not a bad idea to tatoo children (with no pain of course) with a family symbol or even
    a heart or something to identify. Maybe it would keep children safer if these creeps knew children were identifiable. I have even heard of chipping kids like they do dogs. I think that would take it way to far for me. I like freedom. But I do think that these folks are not abusers even though their lives or thoughts values may be different than mine. Lets be a bit more open minded.

  15. You think they are wonderful parents? What are you smoking? Don't talk about other cultures; other cultures do not protect the innocent and I don't much care for shining up the practice of shoving ink in an open wound to create art. Buy a painting. I do not believe they are ignorant of the State Law. They did not talk to the child's biological parent, a doctor, a professional tattoo artist, etc. My God I hope they don't get sick, "We did not know there was a law against home surgery or we would not have done it."If they had Tattoos themselves they are well aware you must be 18yrs.old, can't be under the influence, etc.
    If you strike a child and leave a mark -it is abuse. Jamming guitar strings with ink into a child is grounds for prison time.

  16. AUTUMWISDOM i just threw up in my mouth! thanks for that!
    it happened get over it. parents are doing much worse things to their children repeatedly and nothing is being done so calm down about this and lets focus on bigger issues!

  17. I have 32 tats, I'm also 36 years old and very capable of paying for them and old enough to make the decision to get them. I have a 14 year old son. When he turns 18, I will totally back he's decision to have a tattoo. My first tattoo was at 16 and it's the only one I've ever regreted and had to cover up. Tattoo's that are not taken care can become infected. As a parent you are to protect that child no matter what. Doing this is like letting a child ride in a car without a seatbelt.

  18. I post a comment earlier. And I had to add something to the comment that it might be ok to tattoo a child as a way to identifying them.Come on this is what birthmarks are for. I have a dog that has an ear tattooed by his breeder and a ferret with the ear tat also.I have lots of tats and I believe an adult has the right to make that choice. And yes kids can have their ears pierced almost anywhere. But these both can become infected if not taken care of,My son is reminded to shower every night.

  19. Children Tattooed? Yes in many cultures, before our time tattoos were done, does that make it right? In many cultures children use to go through a coming of age ritual, in some third world cultures they still do, rituals that tear there genitals are rip apart and a girls lips from her Virginia removed, does this make it right? Today there are still children, young women being sold into slavery, is this right?? We live in a informed, cultured world where we've learned that there are things that cause us harm, danger, and exploit us, and so we are protected by laws, and sometimes those laws fail to protect those there made for in the first place, sad but true, children are the most precious, and delicate yet our laws fail them everyday, does this make it right??? Tattooing a child put's there life in danger and risk blood poisoning and it does hurt having a tattoo done no matter how small, and still regardless of the law which is a parents job to teach our children, you broke the law, and you defaced your children, scared them the same way an abused parent would scar their child, you don't deserve to have them in your care if as a parent you are not capable of making informed and caring choices for your children!!!!! Think of if this way, just to give you some perspective. If your child wanted to do drugs, drink alcohol, have sex, or smoke would you allow it? if you answered YES, your not being a parent to your child……

    • that is a beautiful thing were in the US… in some countries hitting your kids is appropriate… it is a contingency that we observe, but does not mean it is "right"

  20. So what if they are on public assistance? Honestly, it's none of our business if they tattoo their kids are not and it is certainly not any of the government's business. What's the difference between tattooing and piercing a baby's ears? Both are permanently making changes to a child. They can get all the piercings they want. Also, it's not a damn bit of yours or mine how many children they have. Get off your high horse and clean your own house before judging others so harshly. I bet you're one of those people who think the poor or less intelligent should be permanently sterilized.

    • I'm sorry, but piercings are NOT permanent. They heal once the piercing is removed. Secondly, and more importantly it IS my business if they're on government assistance. Who do you think PAYS for their government assistance? The govt. doesn't just print up more money, I pay for it with my hard earned tax dollars.
      I don't mind govt. assistance programs, my family has been dependent on them before and it's thanks to them that we still have a house to live in and qualify for the jobs we now have. But when people who use their (MY) government assistance money for what it was not intended for it is my business.

  21. Maybe the kids did ask for he tattoos but they're not even adults yet! They don't know what they want yet, they can't make their own choices in life yet because they're not old enough and don't know better

  22. I would like everyone to know that Misty Davis Costa let her 14 year old child get a permanent tattoo on her hand as a reward for good grades. Misty has Lupus and is in poor health so she does not think she has to deal with the consequences. Her email address is misty4gordon@yahoo.com. She lives in Hanford CA 93230, at 777 Conquistador Street. Her phone number is 559-309-0217. If you think this is despicable, please support me and tell her this is unacceptable! Thank you.

    • thats horrible your posting this… i dont approve of that tattooing but how about i post your info for the people that disagree with you, maybe your address too!!

    • Thank you for standing up for me. I dont know who posted this but if they were my friend, they would never have put my health on blast like that knowing how i just went thru chemo and almost died. Yes my daughter in high school got a tiny piece sign tattoo for not only good grades but also outstanding behavior. She is the only kid I know her age that is still a innocent girl and doesnt do drugs and is extreemly someone im proud of, the few self expression things she is allowed to do. she does earn with grades and behavior. Most parents tell me that they only wish their kids were as good as my high school kid. so if you have a problem GLENN keep it to yourself,. You are obviously out to cause problems and drama. I dont deserve this.

    • I myself have a tattoo, and yes I was 16 when it was started! I am now 24, well on my way to becomming a nurse and YES a single mom. I stumbled on this site while looking for Ontario laws on tattooing. You see, my daughters father is starting to tattoo from home and I do not want my 4 year old in any contact of human pathogens and if he EVER tattoed her i would castrate him! But if at 14 she comes to me and tells me she wants a respectfull tattoo then I will bring her to a clean tattoo parlour who is seen regularly by a health inspecter.
      I just wanted to tell you that I am appauled at your behaviour! Posting somones personal information online for the world to see. I hope Misty finds out who you are and reports you!! I know I would.

    • Thank you kara, and yes my daughter got a tattoo from a very clean professional tattoo artist and it is a very small, and hard to notice tattoo. I was horrified when I saw this posting and it was after a friend of mine was google searching us one night for fun. I was shocked but what bothers me more is that I had a best friend named glenn and he was around alot while i went thru chemo. He had moved and if it is him who did this, I am extremely hurt by it. He did get my address numbers wrong and i changed my phone number too.

    • By the way, no one ever called to tell me its despicable so that was a waste of your time and I have a new number as well so your efforts to hurt me were a waste of your energy.

    • You're pathetic for putting her information on here for anybody to see. & If she wanted to allow HER daughter to give her a little tattoo then where does your opinion fall into this.?

    • What a Jerk you are Glenn, if you have a problem call the cops, but don't post someones information in a chat room. What if some crazy goes there and causes harm, you would be responsible. Take that info down.

  23. Thank you, Lisa, for your very sensible and wise reply. I completely agree with you. I couldn't get a tattoo myself, and I'm not overly fond of them, but how presumptuous to think that this family would be on assistance merely because they have tattoos.
    (I can -definitely- understand the difference between tattoos and piercings, and I know that as an adult if my parents had given me a cross tattoo–even with me asking for it then–I'd really hate that now…as an atheist that would be very unpleasant.)

  24. This is ridiculous! As an individual myself with tattoos… im totally for artistic expression but tattooing your kids is out of the question!!! These parents are idiots and obviously not sensitive to the fact that people's opinons change over time! How can you expect your child at less than 18 to make lifelong decisions, there is a reason now a days they dont allow anyone in the army before 18!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not religious by anymeans and proud of being super open minded…but WOW this is the most retarded thing i have ever heard. At 16 for instance, majority of teens think they are in "love" that will last forever.. WOW still shocked, i wouldnt mind tattooing the parents faces to let everyone know how dumb they are.. !

  25. In the first place why would any parent in their right mind let their children get a tattoo? Parents are letting their children grow up too fast. Parents need to learn to say NO! I'm so glad my grandchildren don't have any tattoo's. Guess their parents were brought up the right way. Because mom and dad said no to them. Like I use to tell my kids when you're 18 and you can support yourself you can do what you want. but not under my roof. That's the same thing my parents use to say to us nine kids. I thank my parents for saying no to us. So proud that my kids have successful careers and have great children.

    • Your grandchildren may not now, but when the time comes and they show up with a tattoo, Im sure they will have a relationship with you again after you down grade them for it. And it has nothing to do with the upbringing because my daughter is in high school, gets all A's and is still respectful of her body and you know what i mean by that. I have done very well with her and when she is valedictorian and your grandkids are not, lets talk about what kind of parenting is ok by your standards.

    • I think 10 and up know what they want. & it's not like they got something stupid. They got something for their religion.

  26. I believe the parents especially if there are not their biological parents sHould make wiser choices. Who are the adults in this relationship we don't give our children everything they ask for. What about infection hitting the wrong vein etc so u d put these kids in danger. What is it beauty luxury before safety. You have it twisted

  27. Im Misty Davis and yes I am shocked to see the comment posted on here with what glenn thought to be my information for people to harass me? Well the address is wrong and my phone number has been changed so if this was Glenn who I thought was my friend, who actually was there for me while I went thru chemo, I want to thank you for showing me what kind of friend you are and hurting me so bad when I cared about you so much. If you had a problem with something I did, you could of talked to me about it. I would of never done this to you and hurt you like you hurt me this way. I would of never thought you had it out for me, and I guess I will never understand why.

  28. Really ? This is just a pathetic way of their mom wanting to get her kids. Who cares? Their kids wanted them. & 10 is NOT to young to have a tattoo. Exspecially if its for their religion. I mean, it's not like they got gang tattoos or stupid little things they are going to hate .

  29. this is totally stupid you just dont tattoo a kid or your KIDS for that matter! are these ppl on drugs? and yes a tattoo is totally diff. from peircing your ears!! a tatoo is way more of a permanant thing then getting your ears peirced!!! come on!! there anyone out there with common sence? wow some people… i wonder what goes on in there heads?!?!?!


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