NASHVILLE, TN – Looks like Santa’s the one who’s been naughty this year!
A man dressed up as Santa Claus robbed a Sun Trust bank! In full costume and carrying a red sack, “Santa” pulled out a gun and demanded money – while staying in character!

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7 thoughts on “SANTA ROBS BANK”

  1. Are we SURE this isn't a relative of the Heene family? It could be a Balloon Santa gone mad…no, no, I really think he just found out that either he had to give his elves a raise or they'd strike and since he doesn't have a real job…well, stealing would be his only other choice…that or Christmas not coming…and that ain't happenin' by a long shot (pun intended)

  2. P.S….Santa doesn't wear shades and he's old, fat, 'n' jolly too…so we need to keep this butthead on the low-low so kids aren't ashamed or scared of the REAL Santa…man is EVERYONE trying to ruin the holidays these days? Is NOTHING sacred? Not even the Almighty Dollar—it's been changed to a rainbow too! Geez!


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