FORT COLLINS, CO – Richard Heene, father of infamous Balloon Boy, has been sentenced to jail for the hoax!
Richard Heene and his family staged the Balloon Boy incident, in which they reported their son as being trapped on a runaway balloon. The boy was later found hiding in the house.
Police became suspicious of the fame-seeking father, who had already appeared on the TV show Wife Swap, but did not have anything solid until Falcon confessed on TV that he had hid “for the show.”
After declaring that the parents could face multiple felony charges, on top of being financially responsible for the entire search, Richard Heene has plead guilty. He has been sentenced to 90 days in jail, as well as being prohibited from profiting from the stunt.
Heene apologized in court today, and broke down in tears!

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5 thoughts on “RICHARD HEENE”

  1. Jail? What, does everybody have to go to jail in this country? The bankers robbed trillions and walked, but a harmless neurotic bozo with a yen for his own reality show goes to jail. This is why America has 800,000 more prison inmates than China does.

    • OMG you're SO right I wonder if cryo costs less than actually feeding / housing them? Let's go back to biblical law…eye for an eye–You know, if I had kids, I sure wouldn't use them as pawns for my own sick fantasies of getting 15 minutes of fame. I choose not to bring anyone here because of people like Heene and YOU who think these kind of stunts are 'cute' and 'fun'–thanks Amazing Crespo, really…you're SO up on international politics–it's a wonder you're not Secretary of State! Call up Heene…maybe you can make YOUR kid the next 'Balloon Boy'??!! It's worth a try right?

    • hi i think that the guy is really hot looking and if he want to be notice he should call playgirl and do a spread. like levi

  2. Real apologetic…well he got his 15 minutes of fame…hope they'll shut up about the idiot and his family for all of ETERNITY now!! Stick a fork in them they're SO 2 minutes ago.


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