SPRINGFIELD, MO – Some shoppers were not in the holiday spirit, when a man was stabbed with an ice pick over a parking space!
On Sunday, 18 year old Caitlen Watkins was out shopping with a friend. She attempted to park her car in the lot of a shopping center, when another man took the space.
Watkins and her friend got out of the car and confronted the man over the parking spot. Witnesses state the argument soon turned into a physical fight.
Watkins somehow managed to stab the man a half dozen times with a 5-inch ice pick! He is now in the hospital with a punctured kidney.
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10 thoughts on “CAITLEN WATKINS”

  1. Have fun in jail – little one – hahaha. I am sure that you will only get a week there, as we have different punishment laws for poor little women…

    • its okay, even if she does just do a short amount of time, she's cute and little…she'll be scarred for life after the other long time women get to her. haha

  2. Actually, she probably did have her reasons, if not sufficient ones to justify felony assault. Her victim — in case you're too apt to feel too bad for him, he's a registered sex offender who served about five years for rape of a fourteen-year-old — was scuffling with her boyfriend at the time. The victim weighs 200 pounds, Caitlen 100 pounds. There's a likelihood everyone knew one another before the parking space got ganked. Refer to the Springfield newspaper's article and the Greene County Sheriff's website.

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