NEW YORK, NY – The New York City Health Department has gone extreme for their anti-soda campaign!
The New York City Health Department has had a series of posters up on subway trains, that show soda turning into fat as it is poured in a glass. The tagline is, “Are you pouring on the pounds?”

As disgusting as those ads were, New Yorkers were not prepared for the Department’s next step: a video campaign, featuring a man drinking fat!
Watch below to get the full effect:
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5 thoughts on “DRINKING FAT”

  1. http://www.bandujo.com/f8/index_flash.html
    Bandujo Advertising + NYC Health – A Partnership Disgusting New Yorkers
    Why not use the advertising money to open more parks or physical activity/exercise programs for New Yorkers?
    They need to vilify soda so they can tax it. So they want you to lose weight by lifting the coin from your pocket.
    Ask that your tax dollars are spent on programs that do work to solve the problem.

    • so you would rather be fat and have a gym around, than be informed and have the option of not being fat? "lets be unhealthy and go to the gym" over "lets eat healthy and not need a gym" I feel bad for all the kids whose parents feed them all the junk thats on every shelf in every store. it's disgusting. campaigns like these are needed to inform people. I am not against pop that bad, but most Americans really are uniformed and very sloppy when it comes to what they eat. And the problem is really the fact that good healthy food is very overpriced. buy the ingredients for a good salad: about 30 bucks from a grocery store. now calculate that sum in hamburger helper and mcdonalds. see what I mean?

    • "Lets eat healthy and not need a gym" is a truly intelligent option for those who chose the path of the cow. Exercise is the key to the healthy life style. Eating salad so not to do the push-up or taking the flight of stairs instead of the elevator, is just an excuse for laziness.
      Soda and it's immediate forerunners date as far back as 1265, the Dandelion & Burdock of England. Obesity has not been a concern for the general populace of the civilized world for the last 745 years, but the last 10-20. So what has shifted?
      The physical activity level of the average person in the industrialized world. It has dropped as we spend more time in front of the computer, TV or some other modern doohickey. I rather not have government spend my money in a campaign that does nothing substantial to solve a social ill.

  2. Our Mayor For Life, Peewee Bloomberg, has taken it upon himself to become the Annoying Health Police. No smoking in (!) outdoor parks, no trans-fat and now no Coca Cola. This little fella needs a cheeseburger, a sedative and a cigarette.

  3. I also agree with introducing more health and fitness campaigns and programs instead. Outdoor activities that are fun and engaging not only for personal but also for community development as well.


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