BEIJING – A Chinese artist has been wowing critics with his ability to disappear!
Liu Bolin doesn’t use Photoshop or visual effects to work his craft. Bolin merely paints himself to look exactly like his surroundings!

It is often referred to as “urban camouflage photography”. He will spend hours studying the location to understand exactly his color choices and perspective.

“In my photography, historical statues, costumes and architecture become symbols of that which confines us,” Liu says. “I am expressing the desire to break through these structures. I portray subjects that seem to disappear into these structures and become transparent. The subject is released from social constructs and he is free.”

Liu was also in the news recently for his tribute to President Obama during his trip to Asia. He created a sculpture of Obama, which he then lit on fire!
“He is so hot now that I decided to impress this in ‘Burning Man Obama’ work. Yes, setting something on fire can have negative connotations, but this piece represents energy and life that Obama has given to the world. We’re eager to see what he can do for China and U.S. relations.”

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