SYDNEY – A massive iceberg is slowly drifting toward Australia!
The iceberg, named B17B, is about 54 square miles, more than twice the size of Manhattan!
It originated about 10 years ago, when it broke apart from an Antarctic ice shelf. It has spent most of the years floating near Antarctica before beginning its advance towards Australia.

The iceberg is significant as it is one of the biggest to make it that far north while still remaining intact.
“As the water warms up, the iceberg is slowly breaking up, resulting in hundreds more smaller icebergs in the area,” said Australian Antarctic Division glaciologist Neal Young.
While the disintegration may seem like a positive, it can complicate shipping lanes, as ships are forced to avoid the multiplying icebergs.
Scientists are hesitant to say the iceberg’s existence is due to global warming, but admit that the large ice shelf carvings are becoming more frequent.
But it appears Australia is safe… for now.

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13 thoughts on “AUSTRALIA ICEBERG”

  1. That's not an iceberg, it's the cleverly disguised headquarters of an evil mastermind bent on world domination with a diabolical new weapon. A couple of days of broadcasting "Waltzing Matilda" into the place ought to get him to surrender unconditionally.

    • This is a serious issue guys ours south pole is breaking up! I felt someone should bring this forum down to earth. This corcerns me gratley amoungst other things . we've been Walting Matilda for to long we need to do something across the world to slow down Global warming NOW.

  2. I agree with Dundee man. Let good ol' Crocodile Dundee tell the iceberg that this is a knife and let him do his thing and protect down under from disaster.

  3. This is a serious issue the polar caps are breaking up! we have been Waltzing Matilda for to long something needs to be done to slow global warming NOW

  4. Its interesting how all of the sudden a bunch of clown- wannabes show their faces… : D… and most likely they are all from "down under"

  5. The globe will continue to warm and cool regardless of how green you live your life, and no matter how much money is taxed and redistributed. It's the freaking earth, it's climate changes with time…get over it. I'm with the rest of these guys, get Dundee on that thing and shred it up.


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