NEW YORK, NY – John Lennon was murdered 29 years ago, and the building where he was shot is still haunted!
On the night of December 8th, 1980, Mark David Chapman fatally shot John Lennon outside of his apartment building, The Dakota. But this was not the first tragedy to strike the landmark.
The Dakota sits at 1 West 72nd Street, across from Central Park. It was built by Edward S. Clark in the late 1800s. Since then, a number of ghostly apparitions have been spotted!
In one incident, painters working in a hallway saw a young girl bouncing a ball. She had long blonde hair and clothing from the wrong time period. No one had heard of her, and she didn’t fit the description of any children who lived in the building. A resident later saw the same girl run into an adjacent room, which the woman discovered was a closet. Others continued to see her but her identity was never uncovered.
In 1965, three workers came in to repaint an apartment after a resident passed away. One saw the ghost of a 10 year old body dressed in a Buster Brown style suit from the early 1900s. All three saw another ghost that had the body of an adult male and face of a boy. At the end of the job, one worker went into a closet when the door slammed and the lights went out. When he got the light back on, he felt something grab his arm and hold it against the light bulb!
But one of the most ill-tempered ghosts credited to the building is a little man with a big nose.
He was first reported seen in the late 1930s by an electrician who was in the basement when the apparition emerged from the shadows. The electrician said the spectre glared at him, then snatched a wig from its head, shook it angrily, and disappeared.
The irascible spirit is believed to be none other than the builder and original owner, Edward Clark, whom it resembled! He was apparently angry because the building was losing money.

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